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Don’t Panic! Armageddon Expo Set to Impress Again in Auckland Kiwi muggles, hobbits and zombies don’t usually get together in one reality, but they’ll be lining up with all kinds of other superheroes, fantasy creatures and gamers when Armageddon Expo returns to the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland on 25th – 28th October. With huge stars already confirmed, Auckland’s show is set to break Armageddon records again and is expected to beat the 50,000 fans that attended in 2012. Guests will include Billy Boyd, Pippin from The Lord of the Rings; Evanna Lynch, Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series; as well as multiple stars... read full article


Win 1 in 5 double passes to Armageddon Expo

Would love to win some tickets for my son

would love to win tickets for my son and I :)


I have been to the last exhibition and was blown away at the latest games and technology that has been developed, I am starting to wish that all these games and technology was available 30 odd years ago.


Awesome prize!




oh awesome a chance to win my son just said on friday hey mum i going to Armageddon Expo Auckland Friday 25th totally wicked be awesome to win him some tickets to go with my brother


i took my younger kids along last year with my older son an brother they went off my younger ones spent most of there time in the ps3 dance area i plonked myself down an read some infor from the first hour of walking round first off pretty awesome expo


just saw luna lovegood will be there may have to take myself an my daughter along instead lol she has been called luna by family an friends for 4years she hates coz she dosent believe there is a real luna thinks we all shit be good for her to meet her double years older than her but still very similar looks this pic was taken 3 years ago but she still looks similar


" Well if I were You-Know-Who, I'd want you to feel cut off from everyone else. Because if it's just you alone you're not as much of a threat," - L. Lovegood. The only character that brought light during dark days. What a pleasure it would be to meet a complex individual. Not to mention Ravenclaw has to be the greatest house at Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


what a mean prize my partner would love to go to this


Which house would you guys choose to be in? I'm biased, but I'd love to be in Ravenclaw. Although in the films and books, it doesn't tell us much about the history of the 4 founders. What we know about Rowena Ravenclaw, she was an incredible witch. Most characters from Ravenclaw house are all strange, intelligent, graceful and unique.

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