Getfrank is New Zealand's online men's lifestyle magazine, a no-bullshit, spin-free alternative to other men’s publications in the New Zealand marketplace. We've got a strong business & political focus, enjoy being outdoors and active, thrive on the creative industries and robust debate, and aspire to better the world en route to the finer things in life.

Renaissance man style as it were - growing the pie, not just your slice of it.

Our take is with the easy access to leveraged cash, education, travel, and a myriad of new lifestyle opportunities - we hold the ability to shape our own lives, not just have the predictable handed to us - and on a higher level in this ever-flattening world, New Zealand has the rare opportunity to capitalize on the transition, and position our country as a lead player on the global scene for generations to come.

So in slating the tall poppy anchor, the impeding governance above, and the general sell-out drive for equal mediocrity - we won’t be spoon feeding you the populist blue collar nonsense, or talking down to people ala the lowest common denominator - because when you set the parameters of discourse that narrowly, you pre-empt anyone from responding constructively.

We're here to begin revisiting the rush of pushing ourselves & each other closer to the edge again, the chaos of freedom, and the inspiration of taking on the new world - in an old & revered spotlight. We have lined up a range of market leaders in both thought and application, from across the content spectrum to ensure getfrank.co.nz sits on the lead edge of positive growth - consider us working our way towards Arena or Details meeting the Economist for lunch and Vanity Fair for Dinner, all with a sense of humour.

We will be offering you competing points of view politically, economically, aesthetically; and leaving it to you, our esteemed reader to make up your own course of direction. We encourage you to join the discussion and add your comments.

Finally a massive cheers to our partners, do take note of who is getting in amongst it, and as we grow make sure you let us know what you think.

Frank – Editor / The alter ego


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    HI there, just signed up and your sign up form is all up the woop! The lines don't correspond to the question, just thought you might like to know. Cheers
  • gerryg says
    How do I get my weekly newsletter up and running again as it just stopped.

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