Discussing :: Where do you get your caffeine hit?


coffee is reasonably priced int he cafes i reckon. still hasn't quite shattered that $5 mark it has threatened to do for years. And this is coming from a broke-ass dude


first thing in the morning, at home, old fashioned drip filter (none of that Clooney rubbish mucking about with silly flavours and measures) and a decent blend


Coffee from Robert Harris cafe is my go to now


Anywhere I can - coffee, tea, soft drink, spirits mixers, RTDs, etc. - because I'm not that fussy


Really don't like being a slave to caffeine; however, I am hooked on the following: Red Bull, V Kaboom, Hemp, NOS (blue can), and Mother (purple can). Never had coffee in my life.


Wish they brought back the black V drinks


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