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Where do you get your caffeine hit?

Coffee is something of a religion in New Zealand, and particularly in Wellington. During a recent visit to Melbourne those cheeky Victorians swore blind that they produce the best coffee in world and, admittedly, it's pretty good. But I still reckon we come out on top, with my vote going to Caffe L'Affare for the best coffee we Kiwis can offer. Where do you get your caffeine hit, and what would you nominate as your favourite brew?


In my chocolate and I don't drink coffee anymore. I have to get a good fix of something most days...:)


From a can of coke.


I don't like coffee...so I get my caffeine hit from Pepsi Max!


Coffee, for sure. Support our local cafe - flat white all the way.


Coffee, coffee COFFEEEEEE!


I get my caffeine fix from a bag of instant coffee bought from the supermarket.


From rum and cola.


One coffee a day s enough for me to get my caffeine buzz


One coffee for me - gives me that buzz that i need

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