Discussing :: Netflix or Lightbox?


Netflix or Lightbox?

With the move to legal streaming, which product or provider should we turn to?


Neither option is viable for me due to slow rural internet speed.


I use Netflix and have for a year or two and it's far superior to Lightbox. Neon looks good, though I haven't tried it yet.


I got 12 months Lightbox free through Spark. I am not sure if I need any special computer or other equipment to use it?


Yeah I got 12 months free through spark, hardly use it as there isn't great selection.


I also got 12 months free Lightbox through Spark an have only watch one programme.


Do you need any special computer to watch Lightbox? My computer is very slow at nights - sometimes it takes me half an hour to just log on.


Not really a competition considering Netflix usually has more of a variety of the shows and movies I love to watch


Netflix kills. No competition




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