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Benefits, of Lettuce.
posted by Aldenn
8 "I must admit when having a burger crispy lettuce really sets it off but its something id never use on a pizza."
5th December '17, 5:27pm
posted by shadowshaded »
posted by Onaphobia
17 "It seems like more people in NZ support the right to euthanasia. When are we going to change the laws to reflect this??"
25th August '17, 6:52pm
posted by Onaphobia »
Diabetes - The progressive killer
posted by Life Member
104 "Hard for parents and kids. I can't imagine having to help my child through this. It's bad enough when they get a lingering cough or sore throat. "
25th August '17, 6:49pm
posted by Onaphobia »
Marvellous magnesium
posted by Kiwi Gas
20 "I was eating bananas before bed, to ease foot cramps. But I think supplements are the most beneficial. "
29th July '17, 3:14pm
posted by Mooner »
What is it with all these fad diets
posted by nzbear
28 "Fad diets are fine for short term weight loss. But normally end up yo yo ing and the weight goes on again. "
3rd December '16, 6:47pm
posted by New Member »
Rehydration - plain water or something more fancy?
posted by Kiwi Gas
65 "I've been trying electrolyte sachet drinks, can't say I feel hugely different. Apparently good for exercise when you sweat heaps "
1st September '16, 1:51pm
posted by Kizami »
The price of good health? A dozen minutes a day
posted by Kiwi Gas
17 "12 minutes is not enough for me. I got more than that just by biking to, and from work every day. It needs to be of a good intensity, and something I enjoy doing. Love going for a run while listening to music, or biking or walking, while listening..."
30th August '16, 11:23am
posted by Timotheus »
Favourite Natural Remedies?
posted by TommyTyrant
8 "Chia Seeds are awesome - a great source of calcium and omega 3. Builds up my immune system and improves overall health. "
6th August '16, 8:25pm
posted by New Member »
posted by Charchar
11 "I am a lot closer to the land than the water. Walking is my way of late. Though health issues mean that I will have use the water in the future. Smoking hotties are a distraction to my fitness efforts on land and water"
20th April '16, 3:42pm
posted by David »
Lack of snooze and you lose?
posted by Kiwi Gas
29 "I am the same, if I get 5 or 6 hours sleep at night I nod off in the afternoon for a couple of hours and then wake up a little headachey too."
9th February '16, 12:41pm
posted by Judy »


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