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Lack of snooze and you lose?

It seems to be fairly standard advice that the average adult needs between 7 and 8 hours of restful sleep every night for good health, but just how realistic is that, and is it just an 'old wife's tale'? On a good night I manage about 6 hours, with a little more at weekends. Just how damaging is that? A ten minute power nap during the day, when I get the chance to have it, is more revitalising than an extra hour or two in bed, and too much sleep just makes me feel groggy. How do others score in the sleep stakes?


Me and my partner went out last night and got home at 3.30am. We have being living on 3 1/2 hours sleep for the day!! Not good at all. prefer at least 8 hours a night.


God I so need more sleep, technology and TV are to blame. Like tonight Im sitting here yawning, on facebook and watching Pitch Perfect! Its affecting me though, headaches, sore muscles, tired early etc.


Need at least 7 hours kip else I lag the next day.


yup i need lotsa sleep but can,t seem to stay asleep,have broken sleep which is a drag


I've found that too much sleep knocks me for a whirl and I have a hard time getting into the day. 6 hours is usually just enough and I wake up alert. My husband however is a bear with less than 8 solid hours of sleep. I always pegged it on having different lengths for our sleep cycles. What would be the middle of one for me is just at the end of one of his.


I'm very lucky to get roughly 8 hours of sleep a night, but I ensure I go to bed early enough. Gone are the days I could subsist on 3-4 hours, but that comes with age I suppose.


I like a good long sleep like a cat - 8 to 9 hours for me plus the 2 hour nap in the afternoon during the summer season.


I definitely sleep more than when I was younger. Now I seem to need 8 hours minimum, up to 10 max a day. Every hour I'm up after midnight seems to require 2 hours sleep catchup later on. And too much sleep seems to make me more sleepy!


I can't nap during the day so definitely need to get at least 7 hours sleep a night or don't function at my best the next day!

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