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I've been told to do swimming to help with my body by a doctor but I just can't get into it. Anyone have any recommendations as to how to get into swimming and actually enjoy it? I find it so boring.


yeah my doc said it would help with my back problems and general health but i,m not that into swimming ,maybe a pool full of naked beauties may help with motivation or something lol


Swimming can help with many things!!! maybe not do it at the pools but on a hot summers day with friends/family!


Read Sophie Pascoe's book - that will inspire you.


I have given up swimming in the sea...too dangerous being eaten by something, like a big hungry shark and or being pulled out and drowning...:)


Instead of taking up swimming how about taking up walking or jogging as they are similar low impact exercises and you can do them in your neighbourhood.


Swimming doesnt agree with me. It seems to agree with Joseph Parker who picked it up after sparring with a world champ. Different strokes for different folks they say.


Bores me half to death, but do it anyway since it is a great exercise. Some company can help.


I hate swimming but it is a great exercise for arthritis so I have to perservere.


Swimming is great exercise - it can be boring but the results are great. So worth persisting.


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