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Rehydration - plain water or something more fancy?

Exotically-coloured drinks in aesthetically-pleasing bottles fill our supermarket shelves, with the promise of effective rehydration during and after exercise. Are these products all they're cracked up to be or are you simply better off with a bottle of chilled tap water? I'm not sure whether I buy all the hype and I worry equally about hidden sugar or, even worse, dodgy artificial sweeteners. Of course our top sporting heroes always have these rehydration drinks close to hand, but they're no doubt being paid handsomely to do so. What do others think?


I think for general day to day activities and light exercise, water is fine. I think all the flash sports drinks are more catered towards athletes and people needing to replace the lost sugars and electrolytes.


Plain water but it is better not out of the tap...a squirt of citrus in it is nice and refreshing also...:)


Rehydration before dehydration is always the key before you go out drinking....plenty of water to keep you hydration during those long nights out....so remeMber REHYDRATE BEFORE YOU DEHYDRATE


Plain Water works for me


I'm an advocate of just drinking plain chilled water,filtered if possible


I was always told, that if you are thirsty it is already to late. Beat dehydrtion by always sipping water throughou the day.


Can't beat natural water.


Yep good old "au natural" water for me!


Nothing beats a good chilled glass of water. Even if tap water tastes strange, I just chill in the fridge & the horrid taste goes. The only benefit of power drinks is to the manufacturers & their increasing bank balance.

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