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What is it with all these fad diets

A friend just started on a high protein diet and to give credit, it works but what after you stop the diet, I mean you can't live on it forever. I follow no diets, just watch what I eat in moderation (and can eat anything if I want, none of this, "no, that's not part of my diet"...SCREAMMM) and exercise, am 57 and look ok I reckon, why should I limit things I enjoy for the sake of some fad diet....not for me.


A protein only diet can be a good way to kick start a weight loss programme (as long as it isn't too restrictive). Then when you have your weight down to an acceptable level, (for you), you can re-introduce small amounts of other foods without going overboard. It is all about self-control and sometimes, you need to be super strict with yourself to start with.


Recently read that we often conditioned to over-eating because our body is seeking a certain level of protein. So If we meet our protein needs each day it is less likely we will overeat. Makes sense I think.


I think some diets are too crazy. I think instead of a diet people should just eat in moderation. The more a person cuts the amount of food they have the more likely they are to cut out the nutritional benefits from some foods. It is far more important to get the right nutrition into your body than to get a little bit thinner.


Some sensible talk occurring on this thread. My wife was doing the Dukan diet (which sounds like the sort of primarily protein diet nzbear talks about). So I did it with her as meal times were becoming a logistical problem as already cooking other stuff most of the time for the kids. Besides there was streak involved and lots of it. Lost about 12kg in a couple of months. Started being able to fit into clothes that had long since been moth-balled. Luckily for me the hipster look is back... WIN! Anyway i could 're-introduce' carbs by this stage and have done so, but do find that my appetite has changed and I don't crave them so much (beer excluded). It worked for me as I was a 'heavy' and was pretty easy (did I mention we ate a lot of steak?) I tend to think different ideas work for different people and different people suit different weights. It's whatever you are comfortable with.


I think some work and some don't..Still comes down to will power and the dieter sticking to it


Have never been on a diet, have lost more weight through exercise then my friends who diet combined


A good diet to follow is moderation eating, limiting sugars and fatty oils, Drinking loads of water to flush your system and following a sound fitness routine. Your body will adapt and the metabolism that it generates is what makes you skinny.. That plus the old adage of burning more energy than you put in is also true but that is dependant on your exercising.. Some food diets work well and better than others, But keeping active and feeding your body the right foods is the way to go..


I agree with a lot of comments that individuals will respond differently to different diets. I think you soon work out what puts the weight on for yourself, think you are pretty safe with eating lots of vegetables though.


Eat anything you like just do it in moderation. I always look at the palm of my hand & remind myself that it's the size of my stomach. It's very hard sometimes, and I wish my hands were bigger a lot of the time, but eventually with the aid of a few glasses of water the hunger pangs do go away!


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