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Marvellous magnesium

Often dismissed as a fad, supplements can provide a real boost to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. My personal favourite is magnesium - terrific for joint pain (and this really matters if you're getting older and love high impact sports), but also great for aiding a good, restful night's sleep. Anyone have a personal favourite supplement?


I have been adding a teaspoon of Olive Leaf Extract to my diet - seems to boost my energy levels.


Sounds like I need some magnesium.


I've just started using magnesium and am enjoying the benefits

I must try this for my cramp


Interesting... I haven't really paid much attention to my magnesium levels. I might get that checked next time and see whether I need any supplements.


I have early onset arthritis so must try magnesium if it's good for joints.


I've been taking a multivitamin - especially when I feel rundown - though I dont know whether its psychological or physical but I'm still alive and kicking. I don't go to the quack often so havent had much tests let alone know any results


Sounds like magnesium might be good for my insomnia so I will have to give it a try.


I've been taking Magnesium for a while and it has definitely helped me get a decent sleep.


Magnesium is great - helps with aches in joints and I seem to sleep better.

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