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I have a friend who has been ill for several years who just announced that it's time to say goodbye and the hospital will help him slip away peacefully. What do you say to someone who is planning assisted suicide?


I am all for it if they are suffering from a terminal illness and seeing them suffer is horrible!


For people with terminal illness who are in a lot of pain then I think it is a good option.


if your quality of has gone and the only thing you have left is pain relief i would like to opt out

Yeah, and pain relief isn't always able to remove all pain. Or in order to remove the pain you basically have to be in a coma. Not much point in that.


I definitely think that people who are suffering should have the choice.


With the correct process I definitely believe in Euthanasia. It should be up the person suffering if they don't want to carry on. As long as they have discussed this with a doctor, psychologist and family members.


This is done more often than you think... doctors typically increase the volume of morphine. If the patient is very sick and uncomfortable, without hope for improvement, I think it's acceptable.

Yeah, the plan was for him to stop dialysis and increase morphine. My friend is still alive. It was interesting how people reacted when he posted it on facebook though. A LOT of people basically said "well, it's been great knowing you, you were a really awesome person, I'll miss you". Not a lot of people took steps to see if there was anything that could be done to help. Turns out he was also lonely and depressed, had just lost his home and thought he was going to be living on the street. So though I agree with euthanasia in theory (and practice) I guess it's pretty important to add the prerequisite of at least some kind of counselling first.


I supported Lecretia Seale's bill for assisted euthanasia. Also Helen Kelly supports this bill. 2 great ladies.


I can understand people's reluctance but if you had someone close to you suffer through a painful terminal illness then is much easier to be able to support the idea of euthanasia


I support Lecritia Seales and Helen Kelly - both wanted to die with grace and humility.


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