Discussing :: Is alcohol too popular in NZ today?


Is alcohol too popular in NZ today?

Many many many many many many many many New Zealanders drink. Alcohol to be more specific. When I had my first taste of alcohol I thought it was rotten coke. Seriously, I thought it was. I argued w/ my peers, how do you rot coke? Not knowing what it really was. The more I tried it the worse it got, so I moved to beer. Seemed a little better than woodies. years later I became immune to the taste; but seeing others (even younger) drink excessively put me off drinking. So now I only drink occasionally. But too often are NZ'ers drinking far beyond their capacity. Is this a problem? If so, what's the solution?


Yes , Especially Jim Beam Devil's cut it's very popular in my house (wink wink nudge nudge)....


Binge drinking will always be a issue in NZ, don't know what the answer is but I have cut back my drinking as I can't afford to drink at pubs.I'll invite a few mates around , we'll grab a doz each and some pizza and watch the sport.


I don't go out drinking so much now due to the lack of venues (living rurally) but also the cost of a good night out in the big city, especially when it has to include the cost of accommodation to sleep it off before driving home. As some others have said, it is easier now to get some beers and pizza in with some mates and have a good night at home. So far as youth binge drinking is concerned the answer is as simple as it always has been - lift the drinking age back up to 20 so that they are just a little bit more mature before they can legally hit town - OK, that means that the default age in reality will probably be closer to 18 but that is a damn sight better than the current default of 16ish...


Yes, I think have a few drinks is ok but when you go out just to get obliterated then it is a problem. Then it is abusing alcohol. You then need help.


They don't have this problem in Europe. Even kids drink a little wine mixed with soda water or sprite. It's not a big deal, so they don't try to get it illegally, it's not a big deal, and when they hit 18 (or 21 or whatever the age limit is) they don't all of a sudden drink as much as they can physically hold.


For some people but not all.


Probably, but it was popular yesterday too.


Its too easily accessible that's the problem and there seems to be an increase on young adult binge drinking, some people control themselves but others go over board


Far too many young ones on the plonk today causing trouble,road accidents and death.


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