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best movie this year?
posted by dan_wise_man
25 "At this stage, it has to be Dunkirk but I hope by the end of the year it is star wars episode 8"
25th November '17, 8:45am
posted by shadowshaded »
posted by David
3 "It's sad that earthquakes now seem to be the new normal. I think local and central government really need to look at more serious measures to eliminate further damage and loss of life"
8th February '17, 7:27pm
posted by monstar »
What's your favourite quote?
posted by JasonMantis
66 "I had an autograph book when I was a kid and my mother wrote in it a Shakespeare quote : " To thine own self be true" and I love that quote. If you can't be truthful and honest with yourself who can you be truthful and honest with."
8th December '16, 6:22pm
posted by Judy »
Dog or cats?
posted by Gabser
87 "I would have said dogs...but we have an 11 month old pup who has come to live with us and let's just say his training needs some tweaking...he would rather leap all over other dogs and yap which wouldn't be so bad if he weren't a great big huge..."
24th September '16, 9:55pm
posted by sonzw »
Spring is here! At last!
posted by New Member
20 "Well it the lambs are sheltering the blossoms fell off the trees the daffodils are sagging ....raining but still all good and daylight savings this weekend at last!"
21st September '16, 10:50am
posted by jade »
Lost at sea
posted by Gunner Mojo
11 "Fishing rod, water and a safety beacon "
17th September '16, 2:55pm
posted by jb2610 »
Speaking of Mancaves....
posted by JasonMantis
10 "Or you thinking some more sophisticated.. ? Smoking jacket, cigars and single malts.. "
7th September '16, 1:02pm
posted by Hutster7 »
Best pick-up line?
posted by Charchar
6 "I walked up and said hi - she looked me up and down and said I've got a boyfriend -I replied I've got a goldfish "
2nd September '16, 7:20am
posted by dynamic »
Old flag or new
posted by nzbear
47 "The time for a new flag is when there is a substantial change to ourselves as a nation e.g. if we became a republic, annexed Australia or sliced off Auckland...until that point, the exercise is pretty pointless and without the catalyst of major..."
4th April '16, 3:03pm
posted by SJPONeill »
What podcasts are you listening to, and recommend?
posted by Timotheus
1 "They were recommended to me by my son who uses them while driving. I've been using them for bike riding, walking, and yard work. Highly entertaining, informative, and it makes exercise very enjoyable. I recommend, Dan Carlin's Hard Corps History,..."
27th October '15, 4:55pm
posted by Timotheus »


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