Flaming Cocaine

Flaming Cocaine   - Flaming Cocktail Drink Recipe

1/3 Shot of Hot & Cool cinnamon schnapps

1/3 Shot of Vodka

Dash cranberry juice

Chill the shot glasses until frosted. Add the Shnapps, the vodka, and then the cranberry juice. Noted there’s no flames to see but take a shot and tell us otherwise.


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  • Nos4R2D2 says
    I thought the shot glasses would crack if they are chilled until frosted first then set on fire? Probably not a good idea on a flammable surface.
  • Scott says
    Wooah this sounds like a real barn burner
  • HairToday says
    Oh dear- what a name- wish it came in a can (it doesnt - does it ?)- suppose that would defeat the frosted shot glass effect.
  • DeeDee says
    ....the name sounds like trouble.....lol
  • barnes10 says
    I tend to stay away with shot with flames as when I was young and dumb (last week) I burnt my lips showing off trying to drink a shot. Obviously the Trim I was trying to impress didn't hang around for long but she lol first. Cow!
    • Gazza says
      hehheehhehehe I have also burnt my lips on a flaming Shot and dropped the glass which smashed.! Unfortunately I got peered pressured into trying it again and burnt my lips again....I had big arsed lips for the rest of the might and even a American Basketballer player I met said to me " You got big arse lips'!!!!

    • robmondo says
      some tasty looking n sounding drinks but this is one i,m gonna try
    • Yum.....Sounds Delish

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