School Rugby Brawl Video - Kelston Boys and Auckland Grammar

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  • New Member says
    Its sad that this happened, its a culture that needs to be not accepted at all!
  • akong says
    Game is a game and they should never have fought. Now, they cannot play the game at least for a while. But should they have kept their cool and behave then life goes on as usual and everybody's happy! It must be a lesson learned.
  • nikolai says
    I think the brawl was a bit of normal teen angst and wouldve happened in any sport. The fact that it was rugby though made it seem really important. If this was league, the team wouldve got drunk, had a fight, assualted some females, defecated somewhere and then driven home. So a simple fight was a pretty good outcome considering..
  • New Member says
    So who won the fight?
  • Tony says
    At the end of the day, it's rugby, it's a contact sport, tempers will flare, if it wasnt for the supporters and others on the side line, it would have been left on the field. Yes due to the size of the punch up both sides where rightfully punished, the bans handed down where a bit harsh as others have stated, my question though is those parents / supporters or who ever they are that got involved in the fighting, has anything been done about them? bans should be placed on them for attending future sporting events. thats my ten cents anyways.
  • Shaun says
    "I loved it how after the fight the Grammar guys were walking away and texting on their iPhones, 'Oh look Mummy, I punched a Maori'." - Dai Henwood
  • Selena says
    Typical. Nothing new here.
  • Justin says
    I reckon this was a disgrace.....not only the players but the supporters that were involved. All the players and coaches should take responsibility for what they did and also if they cant respect the game and cant understand the meaning of competition and losing then they need to have a change in hobbie/careers to something they cn handle
  • Shannon says
    a comment was made recently that v8 supercars and most motorsports are cleaner then rugby and league. In the sense that they to have big punch ups as shown in the video and they dont get drunk in bars and/or sexually assualt someone. I think that video just emphasis that comment
  • Hippynz says
    schools should have set the punishment

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