School Rugby Brawl Video - Kelston Boys and Auckland Grammar

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  • Rk says
    Punishment is expected, but what was given out is compeletly unresonable. Shows the bias of the union. Just because you got poached (by been offered a scholarship) by grammar you get 1 week of punishment. However you go to a normal school, kelston, u get months. Something need to be done about this.
    And yes kelston may have thrown the first punch, but on a professional field retaliation gets the same, if not a worse punishment.
  • John says
    What led up to this. There must be a driving force behind it. Are the players playing a game or are they being taught that winning is most important.
  • Cindy says
    I work for Macleans College and I would be horrified if this happened at our school. I also have a son who plays league, I actually don't like going to games because of the parents on the sideline,
  • Dan says
    You have to be kidding, the Principals tried to blame each other and not take the responsibility that they should have.

    Punishment wise, well, senior players don't get that much of a punishment that was metted out to some of these kids, but on the other hand I bet that they won't be so quick to get involved in the future.

    But what about the farking spectators - what did they

  • Id hate to get historical on you all but pretty much every All black rugby great up until the professional era dished out their fair share of punches etc. this got a bit out of hand but who cares! does this mean the beginning of a rugby brawl epidemic? no! has it damaged rugby? no! it wasn't on the PGA tour. just a bit more history in an already mint rivalry. harden up New Zealand and stop being such a bunch of cry babies no wonder we cant win a cup since 87. if you keep dribbling on like this all we will be left with is a bunch of soccer players playing with an oddly shaped ball.
  • lisa says
    They should be penalized and the school should take some responsabilty and in doing so maintain a standard both on and off the field that these boys need to maintain in order for them to be apart of the team and responsability for who they represent.
  • BigDaddy says
    I didn't like that Kelston got such a heavy punishment. Rugby is a violent game and sometimes things like this happen. Punishment was deserved... just not that much.
  • James says
    Norty boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Danny says
    Unfortunately this isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened - although probably one of the few that the media gets their hands on. Hopefully something good will come out of the punishment.
  • amanda says
    isnt brawling what rugby is based on, im a girl and know pretty much not alot about the game..but you always see brawls in a contact sport. ESPECIALLY high school boys..its a way of proving them selves and masculating ( is that a word)...hmmm cannot wait for the teen boys years in my house.

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