School Rugby Brawl Video - Kelston Boys and Auckland Grammar

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  • needs punishment. But also discussion with the students involved about lesson learned.
  • Cal says
    Both principals should take responsibility for the actions of there students, however, considering the anti-smacking law and the removal of corporal punishment, what recourse do they have? While corporal punishment is not the only answer and should be avoided if at all possible, the threat of being caned/getting 6 lashes, after a fair trial by the school board and fellow students, was enough to prevent this sort of behaviour during my school days - our school was known for its discipline, but also for its fairness in handing it out - a good principal (and teachers) can make a huge difference to the way the pupils turn out, even if their parents have no idea how to behave themselves, or how to bring up responsible children.
  • nickpow says
    When I was in Auckland Grammar we use to bomb a rugby ball high in the air so it would land on the huge circle that was surrounding the fight there where some sore heads. The lunch time fights that happen a few times a month
  • Jimmynz says
    This whole thing got blown up. All the players should have been given the same length punishment, but not to the extreme it was! Look at what an internation side like the ABs get for the same deals.
  • In this day and age with on-the-spot videos like this that get published on YouTube it is much easier to start analysing what happened in hindsight and in slow motion, and apportioning blame and blowing the whole thing out of proprtion. Brawling has always been a part of rugby, and usually it gets sorted out on the field without repercussions. The sentences handed down were way out of proportion and far too harsh, espcially compared to the relatively smaller sentences handed out to professional players for worse offences such as eye gouging and biting. When the spectators get involved and start throwing punches that does take things to a new level and is unacceptable, but the players themselves cannot bear the full brunt of that. It was great to see the video cos we all like a bit of biffo (and those who say they don't are lying)...but it was nevertheless wrong when the crowd got involved and things escalated. The only thing is, it was even more wrong when the players were unevenly and harshly punished because the Rugby Union wanted to make an example out of them.
  • Spike says someone once said, we're not here to play tiddlywinks...
  • Dude26 says
    This sort of thing is happening more & more. Time to do something about it before it gets worst.
  • Andy says
    The fact is in the heat of the moment things flare up. But what we don't see in this video is what was happening before hand and all the little "words of encouragement" and niggles that happened before this. Most of the time these things don't just explode out of nothing.
  • Marley says
    If this fight wasn't filmed half the drama wouldn't have happened. They all need a good telling off tho!
  • Michelle says
    Boys will be boys, but there should also be some type of punishment to make an example of the two teams. Yes these things will happen, its a contact sport and young men with testosterone and adrenaline will always have short fuses. However, children looking up to these teenagers need to learn that it is not acceptable to carry out this behaviour, and the adults involved (Headteachers in this case) need to step up and make sure a punishment is given.

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