School Rugby Brawl Video - Kelston Boys and Auckland Grammar

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  • Shaun says
    Both headmasters need to take responsibility and make sure those boys know its not acceptable.
  • Paul says
    I think both sides needed to be punished. But I do think the ones that started it were punished a bit too much. Even our top rugby players do not get that long a punishment. Take action but make it fair.
  • Priyank says
    Definitely should be penalized for this.
  • Warren says
    A mixture of frustration, egos and hormones. Brawls have been part of rugby (school and above) since day 1. I think this whole thing and the punishments handed out are way out of proportion. The incident should have been handled (better) internally by the respective schools. It seems the rugby union felt pressured to make examples by banning the kids for so long - what the long-term effect of this will be is yet to be seen. Its been a lose/lose situation for all involved. The question is - has anyone learnt anything from this?
  • Nos4R2D2 says
    If you are old enough to commit an assault then you should be able to be charged and tried for the offence in a court of law. This behavior has been condoned in New Zealand society for far too long and has wide-spread implications in our increasingly violent society.
  • arturs says
    its not acceptable....absolutely..
  • Trav says
    pretty sad that neither principal took any responsibility for the matter...I think there definitely should be some sort of punishment for both sides (especially for the spectators).
  • chriss397 says
    The parents need to tone it down and set an example. Have a friend whose a ref and says that sometimes the parents are attrocious
  • megaz says
    what do u people really expect when boys are on a field playing a contact sport, with their testosterone flaring.

    in the end... boys will be boys! and its not like its not going to ever happen again, ur all mad to believe this punishment will make an example n stop any other fights that will break out.
  • Julian says
    Its only because there were cameras there filming and that the media got wind of it that it blew up so big. Its Rugby, a contact sport. It happens. No one gets 'hurt'.

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