Bouncer (kickboxing world champion) vs loudmouth

You've got to see this guy get dealt to.

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  • Hutster7 says
    Did his Mother ever tell him to watch his P's & Q's !?
    Haha, sucker!
    • The Who!? says
      Owned, was all geared to watch a belting, but this delivered on a whole new level Hahah - Site rocks.
      • Sam says
        Here's Kuhr in fights - 5 times world Kick-Box Champ, fuck getting in a scrap with this man

      • If only all bouncers could deal with issues like that!
        • sp00k says
          You having a change of heart on your career choice? Ex-teacher becomes bouncer. "Now young man, you just go over there and have time out!"
          • Slayer says
            I was a bouncer, in central inner city I'm a teacher.

            During all my time as a bouncer I never hit anyone...
          • James says
            Nice to see a guy win a fight without fighting. Modern day samurai.
          • thomas says
            hahaha thats german an the translation is shit ^^ but its hard to translate :(
          • Alex says
            Very good
          • Leon says
            lame I thought he was going to destroy him
          • Simon says
            Fights are a dime a dozen - real backdowns of this scale are pretty rare..
          • You can see when he finally clicks...."you trained my brother?" lol

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