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  • WIN an XP500 Gaming Headset

    Last post: thornberry on 29.02.12 at 14:24 | Started by CORTEX on 20.02.12

    love to win this for my son as his headset no longer has the felt protection on his ears its worn away from too much play More about WIN an XP500 Gaming Headset

  • Is it Suave for a Guy to cry!!!

    Last post: thornberry on 31.01.12 at 11:47 | Started by Flashgg on 27.01.12

    perfectly suave. It shows a guy has feelings & emotions, so a little tear here & there is a great thing for a man. I would say that big blubbering may be a bit too much tho. don't worry fellas if it's in the movies it's in the dark so you can pull out a tissue & when the lights are on noones the wiser except perhaps the lady on your arm thats probably impressed & touched herself by it & who knows where that may take you, & if it's a group of lads well you're probably not at that sort of a movie anyway. More about Is it Suave for a Guy to cry!!!

  • Linksys X2000 giveaway

    Last post: thornberry on 31.01.12 at 11:40 | Started by Krash. T. on 30.01.12

    well since my dsl is dying port by port this would be a great edition to our household. More about Linksys X2000 giveaway

  • XBox Kinect Would Make A Great Giveaway

    Last post: thornberry on 24.01.12 at 23:43 | Started by Bells-n-Whistles on 19.12.11

    this would be great as my sons friend has just had to give his to his stepbrothers in wellington so it would be nice to win one for him so he can have one of his own with no worries of it being given to someone else. More about XBox Kinect Would Make A Great Giveaway

  • Your Tattoo on my Bum, is this Suave?

    Last post: thornberry on 24.01.12 at 23:40 | Started by DeeDee on 14.01.12

    not suave at all. can't you go to certain parlours to view the same sort of thing. i like the comment above about possibly being an improvement. too me it's just off. More about Your Tattoo on my Bum, is this Suave?

  • Microsoft Prizepack Giveaway

    Last post: thornberry on 24.01.12 at 23:37 | Started by David on 23.01.12

    ooohhh cool More about Microsoft Prizepack Giveaway

  • The Dog or the Owner/

    Last post: thornberry on 24.01.12 at 23:34 | Started by barnes10 on 24.01.12

    the owner. i see a guy nearly everyday with his 2 dogs walking him as he's not the one in control. one got loose a while ago & while my son held the other one we tried to catch it. it was after cats & going for a kill. I eventually got it after it went over a fence about 3 times & basically hanged itself if i hadnt got her off. I took her back to the owner who had got the other dog off my son & had taken it home to get his sons help catching the loose one. anyway I was able to walk it properly -i triwed the ceaser milan tricks (& i'm not a dog owner) I nearly got it home but then it saw some kids & it was all I could do to hold her, but the main reason was it had the wrong type of collar (just a loose leather one that when it pulls hard nearly comes off) these dogs get out frequently especially at night & try & kill the neighbourhood cats. the owner has been told by the spca/council to put his dogs on harnesses but does he comply?? no. does he use the correct collar & leashes?? does he carry a doggy poop bag???(well how can he with 2 dogs walking him & i say walking him because he is not in control) no to all of these questions so I say the owners like these are resposible. but there is the odd time when a greatly loved dog of many years who got on well with kids takes a bite like one of our neighbours a while ago but they immediately put it down as they know once they get a taste of flesh they want more. that dog was a rottie. they were good dog owners. I still say train the kids also tho, & also those (normally older ones) that tease & taunt dogs so that when a child becomes available unfortunately there is only one outcome which isnt a nice one. More about The Dog or the Owner/

  • Saab goes bust

    Last post: thornberry on 24.01.12 at 23:21 | Started by Shoel on 20.12.11

    oh dear i better tell my brother as i'm sure they have a saab in the family. I wonder what they'll do for a parts department More about Saab goes bust

  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Giveaway

    Last post: thornberry on 24.01.12 at 23:20 | Started by Tim on 23.01.12

    i'm all into thrillers thanks More about Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Giveaway

  • Do You Believe in Re-Gifting?

    Last post: thornberry on 19.01.12 at 21:41 | Started by DeeDee on 27.12.11

    I don't have too many people to regift to so i have a slight problem there but i would if I could with the cost of things nowadays. if I don't like it & can't regift it then I'd put it on trademe if i can or put it in a garage sale if we have one but the problem with that is the only persons gifts that i usually don't want or that I regift is normally helping me out at the garage sale so have a problem there, altho i must say i helped the elderly gent with his garage sale a year ago & quite a few items he was selling were gifts i'd given him. caught out badly! lol! More about Do You Believe in Re-Gifting?

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