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  • Whats your favourite form of exercise?

    Last post: thornberry on 29.05.12 at 18:55 | Started by James on 21.07.11

    I do the paper run with my son 3 days a week for exercise but I would like to get into walking 30 mins a day as that is supposed to be a great way to keep fit & lose weight as well. it has to be a good walk tho not just an amble. my sister in law got really fit & lost weight this way & enjoyed it so much she started going out for longer for sheer enjoyment. she got her music on & off she went even taking the hand weights for extra fitness. More about Whats your favourite form of exercise?

  • Win a Pair of the Original Barkers Trackpants

    Last post: thornberry on 29.05.12 at 18:51 | Started by Onaphobia on 28.05.12

    all my son wears is tracky pants so this would be a great addition for him. More about Win a Pair of the Original Barkers Trackpants

  • Is the GC worth $430,000?

    Last post: thornberry on 29.05.12 at 18:50 | Started by barnes10 on 03.05.12

    well they always say that the best bits are usually always shown in the ads for the program or movie so as I havn't seen any 'good' or 'interesting' bits its of no interest to me (actualy they put me off & did not encourage me to even watch it) & i'm sorry but the guy with the tattoo is weird looking to me & always makes me cringe especially if he opens his mouth also (not sure where they get attractive there). I think it definately is a waste of money. not interested in that type of show myself. I like the sorts of touch amongst others but as per usual as with any good show it gets put to after 1030pm at night. I hope this goes that way if it doesnt go off not because its a good show but because I can then say good night i'm off to bed & hopefully a better show can go on instead of that at the earlier timeslot. looks like tv3 has been getting with the tvnz programmer crowd! More about Is the GC worth $430,000?

  • The Darkest Hour DVD giveaway

    Last post: thornberry on 29.05.12 at 18:42 | Started by dizzy bee on 28.05.12

    thriller, aliens, mind blowing special effects hmm sounds like a good watch to me, put me on the list of interested members More about The Darkest Hour DVD giveaway

  • Scientists reveal why hair turns grey

    Last post: thornberry on 10.05.12 at 16:41 | Started by Bells-n-Whistles on 17.03.12

    hmmm & i thought it was stress, hormones, herditary, age & all that jazz. I really don't know why scientists are wasting their time with this when there is far more important things to do with their time like find out why we grow old & how to stop it. no just kidding. put their efforts into aspergers & all that has to go with that as that also is a way to make you grow grey especially if you are the parent like me. actually the above all seems like mumbo jumbo to me when I read it & really am I any the wiser or any less grey. no! More about Scientists reveal why hair turns grey

  • Dirty Man Skincare Giveaway

    Last post: thornberry on 10.05.12 at 16:35 | Started by Rick on 07.05.12

    i suppose you could go with the fact that he used to bite his toenails & eat the skin around but thats not really skin but as hes a growing teenager & needs products like these to learn whats its all about I suppose id have to say that at present he doesnt use or do anything with or to his skin. just water in the shower is the closest to clean & its only shave when have to go out so thats as dirty as he gets. More about Dirty Man Skincare Giveaway

  • Daylight saving

    Last post: thornberry on 02.04.12 at 21:34 | Started by Tim on 22.11.11

    daylight saving is great especially when you get the chance to sleep an extra hour, but then wait, the next door neighbour has a non stop crowing rooster from the early hours until night falls, & there goes your extra hours sleep & every other hour also. I can't get noise controls help because we are on the same section. hopefully my neighbours are going to help by calling noise control as it bothers them as much as myself, be brave please my neighbours, as the owner of the rooster said it was going into the pot but no it went again on trademe, but that won't matter because when she gets rid of that one she has another 5 to take it's place, & then shes going to keep one so she can keep raising hens so she can have fresh free range eggs & blow all the neighbours. we are urban not rural. so I say to those who can give me advice do so, & also besides earplugs, what else can I do to drown out the noise & get some sleep. perhaps next daylight savings when it's have another hours sleep I may actually get it. fingers crossed, heres hoping More about Daylight saving

  • Colgate Giveaway

    Last post: thornberry on 02.04.12 at 21:22 | Started by Shaun on 02.04.12

    sensitive teeth in our house is what we have, would definately like to try this More about Colgate Giveaway

  • Ups And down for Subway

    Last post: thornberry on 14.03.12 at 17:26 | Started by ViinaBaybee on 13.12.11

    it's a thumbs up for me as it's a great way to get my son to eat at all & also to eat healthy. our local subway know us & normally unless we change it up to keep them on their toes know what we want. he does change the dressings on them tho. but to all you out there who like subway & don't know it as it's not promoted that much anytime you buy a subway get a gst receipt (you dont need a card for this) then go online as the receipt shows & click on the big red i minute survey button fill out a quick questionnaire enter your email & viola they send you a free cookie voucher that you print up & take in next time you go past subway. you don't even have to buy anything after that to redeem your cookie. and remember you can do this everytime you go & buy something at subway, just remember to get your receipt as you need the subways code which is on the receipt & the time. you can get one every 24 hours & it's more than a one off. our local subway said i'm the only one that seems to be doing it. well they don't really promote it. I told a customer in store when i saw they liked their cookies & if you do to then off you go. More about Ups And down for Subway

  • WIN a copy of In Time

    Last post: thornberry on 14.03.12 at 17:19 | Started by Bells-n-Whistles on 12.03.12

    I saw the trailers for this & thought it would be a great movie to see. as we see most movies via the dvd hire store it would be great to own it & view it at our leisure. More about WIN a copy of In Time

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