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  • Is hiding Cigarettes in shops going to stop you from smoking?

    Last post: thornberry on 22.08.12 at 02:12 | Started by dognay on 19.08.12

    well i think they're already well hidden before this as I havn't even noticed them for ages. & even before that i remember that if the person in front of me wanted any then i saw they got them from a swivel counter or locked box in the middle. I don't see them or notice them in dairies. I suppose because I'm not looking for them so it doesn't make any difference to me. i spoke about this to a lady that i see when i go on my paper run & they have a purpose built "smokers" seat built onto their fence. she said the shops can waste their money on extra plastic bags for hiding but it doesn't make any difference to her. she says its to deter children & i said but they see & are exposed to the smoking in the home & that is where they are more likely to get addicted to it than seeing or not seeing a packet of cigarettes in a shop. I'm confused about the price as the last I heard before this about cigarettes is that they cost $60 but each person i've asked said they don't cost that & the way to get around that is to roll them but it doesnt stop them buying. so while I support any attempt to stop smoking, I don't smoke myself & don;t see what the big deal to smoke is & with the economy today i would stop if i did smoke as I would think food, rent or whatever bills etc is more important whatever the cost of a cigarette as well as my health. so to answer the question i don't smoke so it's irrelavent & those I have asked they have said no it won't stop them smoking either. More about Is hiding Cigarettes in shops going to stop you from smoking?

  • Schick Hydro Giveaway

    Last post: thornberry on 22.08.12 at 02:00 | Started by LUCKYONE on 16.07.12

    great shaving products my son could use & the rest i'm sure I could find a use for More about Schick Hydro Giveaway

  • Interview: Liam Neeson

    Last post: thornberry on 22.08.12 at 01:57 | Started by CORTEX on 20.08.12

    If I see liam neesons name anywhere in the cast of a movie I will watch it as I feel he is a great actor in anything he's in, & he can make a movie good even if it's should I say a little weird? ie afterlife. I am a star wars fan so it was great he made it into that & only added to my enjoyment of them, but schindler's list sealed it for me. To me he can act any genre. I really enjoyed him in rob roy, the A-team, unknown & taken, & I see there is a taken 2. can't wait. I must agree that he looks good for approaching 60 years of age & I hope there are many good acting years in him to go. good luck to him if he takes on the stage again & to his project. saw him on graham norton as well, very impressive, a very nice man. so would be great t see what he brings to battleship More about Interview: Liam Neeson

  • Win Battleship on Blue-Ray

    Last post: thornberry on 22.08.12 at 01:38 | Started by CORTEX on 20.08.12

    love the game movie looks like a good watch & i know my son would really enjoy it. More about Win Battleship on Blue-Ray

  • Healthy takeout?

    Last post: thornberry on 18.07.12 at 17:41 | Started by GuyIncognitoNZ on 19.03.12

    I have to agree with the subway option as we've seen the before & afters of that subway guy & his pants, not only the obesity benefit of getting slim but then of course it must be healthy for you & they even have the healthy options. I would say sushi is another takeaway healthy option. which is why i'm glad theyre my sons favourite foods. don;t have to train him to eat healthy as he already does. oh except for those chocolate bar takeouts. ph dear... More about Healthy takeout?

  • Win tickets to The Food Show

    Last post: thornberry on 18.07.12 at 17:33 | Started by Micky Cee on 16.07.12

    I don't go out much but I always try to get to this & especially to watch the chefs do their thing & get inspiration, so would be great to win tickets so can spend more on the food More about Win tickets to The Food Show

  • Anxiety Attacks

    Last post: thornberry on 09.07.12 at 15:33 | Started by TTT on 13.02.12

    my son has high anxiety & we have these sort of things happening all the time. he has aspergers which is part of his high anxiety. I find I can help him by trying to sort out his problem (which i'm normally able to do most of the time as I look at it clearly & calmly & queitly- if I can with him around all anxious) & taking the stress/anxiety myself thereby hopefully getting an answer quickly or at least showing him how so it destresses the anxiety. even if i'm out he can call me on the phone so that I can talk him through it, if he remembers that is. but I do tell him to stop, relax take a breath & talk slowly if he can & tell me whats happening so I can help him. if it's a problem I can solve by sending an email or looking on the computer I get him to do it with me as that helps also. he does need medication when he's doing schoolwork or study tho as just the thought of that brings on one & that calms him down. More about Anxiety Attacks

  • Exercise For The Over-50s

    Last post: thornberry on 09.07.12 at 14:51 | Started by HairToday on 03.10.11

    I actually go on the paper run with my son 3 times a week to keep fit & healthy & also to keep in with my son even if he is a teenager now. it's a good way to have great chats about anything & everything & whatevers on his mind as well as both of us to keep fit. plus we have chats with all on our paper run be they elderly or not. as well as the exercise we must keep our bodies fit too. i see ellen de generes now over 50 looks younger & some of her guests also & it's all because they have gone vegan & it makes you feel healthier & younger so put that with exercise & it might just work out younger for you. hilary barry once said on the radio about drink water & dont eat after 6pm & you'll lose weight. I did that for a few months sometimes not after 7pm & it did work & i felt healthier & younger & lost a lot of weight. unfortunately I havn't kept it up & have put the weight back on but now I also think I have thyroid to blame for that. anyone else have a thyroid problem? boy it can give you crazy problems & not make you want to exercise. :( More about Exercise For The Over-50s

  • Contraband Blu-Ray Giveaway

    Last post: thornberry on 09.07.12 at 14:42 | Started by Bells-n-Whistles on 09.07.12

    this is one that I want to see More about Contraband Blu-Ray Giveaway

  • The King Bee has landed!

    Last post: thornberry on 05.07.12 at 00:15 | Started by NotTheMan on 29.06.12

    (a good number to be born on) More about The King Bee has landed!


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