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  • Who Shops?????

    Last post: thornberry on 27.11.12 at 00:24 | Started by Foreverme on 29.08.12

    I do the grocery shopping but I like to take my teenage son with me, the only problem with that is he has expensive tastes & I end up spending twice as much as if i'd done it by myself so best I do it alone most of the time I think. gaming he tells me what he wants & asks if we can afford it, I do the research & buy it while he stays playing at the pc. I think he has me well trained. clothes, well he just chose his own recentl,y on his paper run we stopped at the local hospice shop & he found a few items he liked. he actually looked around & shopped. I was amazed as I normally just buy the same thing for him to wear just the next size up. those hospice shops are great for bargains, altho I'm still not sure if he bought womans pants or mens. lol! More about Who Shops?????

  • Win The Dark Knight Rises on DVD

    Last post: thornberry on 27.11.12 at 00:15 | Started by HairToday on 26.11.12

    christian bale makes a dark dark knight & an enjoyable one at that. would love the dvd More about Win The Dark Knight Rises on DVD

  • Green Lantern (2011)

    Last post: thornberry on 29.10.12 at 13:36 | Started by Bells-n-Whistles on 23.08.12

    I didn;t think I would enjoy this movie & put off hiring it also because of all the marvel plus comic book heroes movies at the moments going on buti'm glad i did as I found it very entertaining & worthwhile viewing. I don't mind cgi as long as it's well done & really with this type of movie it is required & I didn't find it overblown etc as the critic above says, perhaps he's just overmovied & should take a break or just enjoy the movie for what it is. More about Green Lantern (2011)

  • Win The Amazing Spiderman on DVD

    Last post: thornberry on 29.10.12 at 13:26 | Started by akong on 29.10.12

    my son really wanted to see this at the movies but alas couldn't afford the movies so would love to win the dvd for him More about Win The Amazing Spiderman on DVD

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    Last post: thornberry on 10.09.12 at 21:46 | Started by Bells-n-Whistles on 02.08.12

    Havnt been able to take my son to this unfortunately as its so expensive to go to the movies nowadays even on cheaper days so have to hire it on the $4 day when it comes out. won't get the same atmosphere & viewing as in the movies but certain things have to give nowadays. Since they had that terrible shooting with it I didn't realise that it had affected my son & he doesnt want to see it at the movies anyway as he's worried about copy cat things happening when we're at the movies & he feels safer at home, even then he's concerned someone may follow us home from renting it. a little over the top there I know but he has a reason he thinks like that. I tell him not to let that person win but isnt it terrible that things like that can happen around a movie. More about The Dark Knight Rises

  • Win tickets to THE WATCH

    Last post: thornberry on 10.09.12 at 21:37 | Started by djb70 on 10.09.12

    this looks like it would be a good "watch" so to speak More about Win tickets to THE WATCH

  • Is Paul Henry really that mean?

    Last post: thornberry on 10.09.12 at 21:35 | Started by thornberry on 10.09.12

    I was a fan of the betty white snickers ad & as i'm a fan of paul henry I quite enjoyed this as it made it new zealandafied so to speak but I don't find him mean but the ad does suit him somewhat & it's a bit of fun which I feel paul henry has a good sense of humour. I just don't know that it comes across as professionally done as with betty white & the other old guy, perhaps i'm too americanised with my tv watching. but either way unfortunately i'm not a snickers fan so i'll just enjoy the ads instead & eat my cadburys. More about Is Paul Henry really that mean?

  • Win with Steinlager

    Last post: thornberry on 10.09.12 at 21:25 | Started by djb70 on 10.09.12

    havnt had a beer in a while, go the allblacks More about Win with Steinlager

  • Coffee or Tea.....That's the Question?

    Last post: thornberry on 10.09.12 at 21:23 | Started by Flashgg on 20.08.12

    I stay healthy by having a lemon & honey tea every day. the daily dose of honey is good to keep the bugs away. its also very refreshing if you're thirsty. for coffee I like the nescafe menu range & my latest favourite id the caramel. I have it with hot milk & even tho people say you shouldn't have coffee before you go to bed as it keeps you awake i have no problem going to sleep having this before bed. I would say it probably is the hot milk. I'll have a coffe when i'm out visiting as I don't like milk in my tea so unless my friends or the cafes have lemon & honey then its a cappaccino or coffee for me. but getting back to your question if I had to choose it's tea for me but only how I like it. I'm the woman in the family. my son also has the same tea or a relaxing tea of some kind or a hot milk chocolate. he's not a coffee fan. More about Coffee or Tea.....That's the Question?

  • Win a Wendy's Voucher

    Last post: thornberry on 10.09.12 at 21:17 | Started by memonkey on 10.09.12

    I love the potatoes & salads my son loves the burgers & love the freshness of them so this would do a dinner for us thank you More about Win a Wendy's Voucher

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