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  • Hand razor or electric shaver?

    Last post: thornberry on 06.01.13 at 18:06 | Started by Gonzala on 02.09.12

    my son is starting out. he used the electric shaver to begin with & I would help. now he does the razor thing & well he uses cut throat swings of the hand & gets the job dine even if it's not the proper way to do it. he also has started shaving his head after he gets the buzz cut as he likes it smooth (with a razor). but would you believe it I couldn't get his hair cut & he had an itchy head. i told him to go have a shower & that would solve it but he says no i'll cut my hair so off he goes with his op & started showing me clumps of hair that he'd cut off. then he got his razor out & off he went shaving it. hmmm not a good look. i called it the 'apatchy' look as patchy it was. sort of when you see those movies with crazy people in the asylum haircut or where theyve had electric shock treatment or partially shaved for an operation. oh it was hilarious to look at. so he could only go out with a cap on & you could still see it at the back & the hairdresser finally fit him in so now he's back to normal. but never thought to use the electric shaver on it like mentioned above. if he does it again i'll try that. but he loves using the razor & now after trying to shave with the blade blunt as after that trick I have shown him how to change the blade & where to find them as he has now found out that beards also don't come off with a blunt razor that doesnt work. he didnt realise until I told him. well its his first time its blunt. lol! More about Hand razor or electric shaver?

  • Win a Jack Reacher prize pack!

    Last post: thornberry on 06.01.13 at 17:56 | Started by Jenny on 17.12.12

    would like to see what all the tom cruise fuss is about. More about Win a Jack Reacher prize pack!

  • Tips to reduce stress during christmas

    Last post: thornberry on 06.01.13 at 17:54 | Started by riven on 30.12.12

    I don't celebrate christmas so that does ease my stress although being asked to move out in 42 days is a stress for me at this time. but I do swap presents with a couple of friends but one died the day before christmas so what to do with her present now? anway with regards to presents I do buy things throughout the year & when I see something usually on special & when I can afford it so that I always have something to hand & there is no stress at the end of the year or when everyone is out shopping. i tend to stay away from shopping malls etc at this time as that is an added stress in itself. online is a good way to shop even with supermarket shopping. countdown this year i have found if you are on their email list were offering free delivery big lots of extra bonus points to name a few so that is a way to shop when you have the time relaxing at home & no worries with finding a carpark. I do roasts as thats an easy dinner with not much to do & the oven does it for you. you could get everyone that is coming to bring a dish that would reduce your stress. there is always the rescue remedy range for stress relief as well as many teas that help like camomile or specific to stress relief. the main thing is not to get all stressed up/out or worried as it just makes you ill & it makes it worse so just chill out take it easy take some deep breaths & if all else fails do what i do leave everything & sit down put your feet up & watch a dvd/tv or something you've recorded that you know you'll enjoy which will take your mind off it & give you another view on things when you have to think about it again. what i do for my sons stress is get him to take a pill & I take on his stress & solve his problems for him but he has special pills for that so that won;t work for you sorry but you never know the doctor might be able to prescribe you something if you have the need. More about Tips to reduce stress during christmas

  • Win a Masport BBQ for summer

    Last post: thornberry on 06.01.13 at 17:43 | Started by Aaron on 17.12.12

    mmmmmmmmmm i do love a bbq More about Win a Masport BBQ for summer

  • Win Smart As for Playstation Vita

    Last post: thornberry on 07.12.12 at 00:19 | Started by Liza on 03.12.12

    as we get older you need to test your brain in whatever way you can & keep it busy. this is an enjoyable way for that as well More about Win Smart As for Playstation Vita

  • Classic Caesar Salad

    Last post: thornberry on 07.12.12 at 00:17 | Started by Onaphobia on 03.12.12

    my favourite salad especialy if I go to a restaurant is ceasar salad but they are quite different to the above. it's done with cos lettuce & has bits of bacon in it. this looks more like a mix between a normal salad & possibly a ceasar salad but hey if thats how you like it. i'd still eat it as i do like salad. More about Classic Caesar Salad

  • Win a Masport Charcoal BBQ

    Last post: thornberry on 07.12.12 at 00:14 | Started by Doug on 03.12.12

    this would come in very handy for my emergency kit 7 also when my friends visit of course More about Win a Masport Charcoal BBQ

  • Win a pair of Carrera sunglasses thanks to Smart Buy Sunglasses

    Last post: thornberry on 07.12.12 at 00:11 | Started by Liam on 03.12.12

    ho ho ho ho ho merrrrrrrry christmassssssss everyone. More about Win a pair of Carrera sunglasses thanks to Smart Buy Sunglasses


    Last post: thornberry on 07.12.12 at 00:08 | Started by miesje1 on 08.11.12

    I have found that I am a lot healthier not eating red meat. I eat the occasional monthly pork roast & sometimes I will try the red meat again but dare i say it when I do it gives me the ...... is that because I havn't been eating it?? the reason i stopped or we as a family stopped was because is it meat nowadays or is it just fat. I have not seen a good piece of meat in a long while & everyday I look in the meat section of the supermarket it just confirms why I have gone off it. as well as the price of course. it is more expensive than salmon & we like salmon & prawns so it's the healthier option for us. we have even gone for the organic chicken as again the taste & the fat on normal chicken for us is yuck & you can taste the difference in organic & if you shop around it's just as cheap as the normal chicken or cheaper sometimes which I found surprising. I am definately not vegan or a vegetarian but it looks like i'm getting pushed that way but please don't give me tofu. if the question was to tofu or not tofu I definately know my answer to that one. NO More about TO MEAT OR NOT MEAT?

  • Win a Subcard for Christmas

    Last post: thornberry on 06.12.12 at 23:58 | Started by Bells-n-Whistles on 03.12.12

    subway the way to go yes please More about Win a Subcard for Christmas


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