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  • VS Sassoon - Turbo Power & Personal Grooming System

    Last post: James on 14.03.11 at 01:49 | Started by Greg on 26.08.08

    worst i say with a touch of colour

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  • Ultimate skin care with Nutrimetics FOR MEN

    Last post: James on 14.03.11 at 01:49 | Started by Soj on 26.08.08

    I have 6 children ages, 20,17,10,9,2,and 8months old, 4 mothern laws, and a beautiful goddess age 24 as my partner. believe me these products would help transfer me from ugly caveman to wannabe all GQ for my goddess looking to trade me for my son !! More about Ultimate skin care with Nutrimetics FOR MEN

  • 3-day Passes to Rhythm and Vines 08

    Last post: James on 14.03.11 at 01:49 | Started by Gemma on 14.08.08

    stop being a creature, and beat my sex addition hard !! More about 3-day Passes to Rhythm and Vines 08

  • Shit, Shower, & Shave

    Last post: James on 14.03.11 at 01:49 | Started by sam on 30.07.08

    good shag .. good beer... good dump.. and then ready to shave .. cake on heavy soap and let sit for 2 hrs, blast with hot water, shave with fusion, slow short strokes, refoam face and shave wth long strokes. cake soap back and leave to dry ... blast off in shower.. moistures hard out .. let cool .. and then its show time.. !! More about Shit, Shower, & Shave

  • 21 DVD's

    Last post: James on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Rosie on 15.10.08

    This is a true story. We use to play poker every month, simple rules, $100 to sit at table, 1 doz beer/ or bottle of spirit , and a bit of BOB, or cigars. Well i was on fire ,.. almost won every pot .. game after game, and playing 5 card poker, was just amazing. Buckets full of cash , well when everyone was almost out of cash, and looking very pissed off. I hit the last winning hand with a full house 3 Aces and 2 eights !! Yeeaha ! I say, but know everyone looked as if someone had died, and they went to tell me about dead mans hand Aces and Eights and should have thrown my hand away , cause of bad luck. And if ever watched the old cowboy movies everytime someone gets shot at a poker game, the cards are always aces& eights .. true ?... I thought it was a lot of shit ... but straight after that winning hand, i didn't win any other hand , lost everything... and had to hear about aces and eights for the rest of the year ... worst thing is .. i woke up next morning to find my car stolen .... oh and yes , it ended up being parked on yellow lines, which got towed & i had to go to court over the fine incurred,.. and yes the towing company sold my car, and oh yes,. the police had no record of me advising them of my loss.... dramas !! .. yes .. aces & eights ....strikes again .... lolz . at least i didn't get shot. More about 21 DVD's

  • Burn After Reading + Coen Brother DVD Packs

    Last post: James on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Sarah on 08.10.08

    Jesus Quintana: You ready to be fucked, man? I see you rolled your way into the semis. Dios mio, man. Liam and me, we're gonna fuck you up.
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  • Heroes Season 2 DVD's

    Last post: James on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by Shelley on 28.09.08

    I want to be GOD with all his powers and uplift you all out of this existence into another world. Where there is nothing but pure joy , love and kindness exist. And all your loved ones/ friends and from past & future co-exist. Miss you heaps dad ! More about Heroes Season 2 DVD's

  • Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

    Last post: James on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by kate on 02.10.08

    Its all about the hair , as young teenager , in the early eighties, well what i can say. brown curly hair in those days without any product , hmmm amazing how my dad's breelcream and my mum rollers (which i used to brush my hair)..lolz created the ultimate style , for all the ladies at school. Hot damm hot ! , Oh yes that hot look with a moustache. Quite amazing how any of us survived those years. Then i was so protective that when my dad shaved my hair off (very cool now) but back then, i thought i lost all my eighties power. lolz. Discovered gel, many years later, still didn't help . But i know this product , was made for my hair. More about Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

  • Win a Canadian Club Mini Mal Surfboard on getfrank.co.nz

    Last post: James on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by David on 03.09.08

    Hiram Walker founded his distillery in 1858 in Detroit. He first learned how to distill cider vinegar in his grocery store in the 1830s before moving onto whisky and producing his first barrels in 1854. However, with prohibition looming and Michigan already becoming "dry", Walker decided to move his distillery across the Detroit River to Windsor, Ontario. From here, he was able to export his whisky, continue to perfect the distillation process and start to develop Walkerville, a community that Hiram financed and sourced most of his employees from.

    Walker's whisky was particularly popular in the late 19th century gentlemen's clubs of the U.S. and Canada; hence it became known as "Club Whisky." Walker originally positioned his Club Whisky as a premium whisky, pitching it not only on its smoothness and purity but also the length of the aging process (Walker's whisky was aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 5 years). This was revolutionary at the time, as all of the U.S. bourbons and whiskies were aged for less than a year.

    Club Whisky became very popular, and American distillers petitioned for the inclusion of the word "Canada" on the bottle to distinguish it from their competing American whiskies, thinking it would halt the popularity of Hiram's. This backfired, only making Club whisky more exclusive. Hiram saw this and changed the label again in 1889 adding the word "Canadian" to the top of the label, distinguishing Walker's recipe for his whisky from the other processes of the time (Scotch, Irish and U.S.). Hiram blended corn and barley in addition to rye before putting it in the barrels for maturation, a recipe that is now renowned throughout the world as that of Canadian whisky.

    In 1890 the word "Canadian " was moved down from the top of the label and incorporated into the name of the whisky. This, however, was only temporary, as three years later the logo changed again, transforming from a bold font into the scripted typeface that we see worldwide today (See logo above).

    It wasn't until the American government introduced the Bottled in bond law in 1894 that the people of America really started drinking Canadian Club. It was thanks to the passing of this law that all whiskies had to carry their maturation time. This re-affirmed the fact that aging whisky was not just a fad and that the older the whisky (generally speaking) the better the quality.

    Hiram Walker handed down his distillery to his sons upon his death in 1899. Over the years they have branched out into other businesses. At one point they employed almost the entire population of Walkerville, where they built a police station, fire station, gave them running water and street lights. In 1890 the Canadian government acknowledged Walkerville as an official town, and in 1935 it became part of Windsor.

    During the years of Prohibition one of the distillery's most important clients was Al Capone, who smuggled in thousands of gallons of the drink - Canadian Club - through the liquor pipeline from Windsor to Detroit.

    Canadian Club whiskey has received the Royal Warrants of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George V, King George VI, and Queen Elizabeth II. Hiram Walker & Sons was the only North American distiller to have been granted a Royal Warrant.[1]. This was later withdrawn.

    The Hiram Walker & Sons distillery remains in Windsor on the banks of the Detroit River, where it continues to produce fine spirits. Hiram Walker's main production is now Wiser's Whisky (Canada's Best Selling Whisky Family) Polar Ice Vodka, Lamb's Rum and Malibu Rum.

    Canadian Club is part of the Jim Beam portfolio. It is its 4th best-selling alcoholic product, behind Jim Beam, Sauza Tequila and DeKuyper
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  • Nickel Skincare Pack

    Last post: James on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by New Member on 03.09.08

    Picked up him, had a mean cooked breakfast with the best steak. New Fishing rod for his boat, and a brand new slate pool table erected. $500 in his tab account to punt with and his slave for the rest of my life under the stairs ...lolz just kidding More about Nickel Skincare Pack

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