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  • Cardio workout

    Last post: Vikki on 03.05.13 at 18:50 | Started by Vikki on 03.05.13

    You need to lose a number of that additional fat over your abs. Even if you work out and find large ab muscles, if there's still a layer of fat over them nobody can ever get to examine them. Cardio workouts area unit workouts that raise your pulse for a given set of your time. Running, swimming, jogging and bike riding are best cardio exercises for maintaining fitness level. They are best workout for losing fats.

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  • Tips to Remain Slim

    Last post: Vikki on 03.05.13 at 18:41 | Started by Vikki on 03.05.13

    Being healthy and looking attractive you have to make a strong nutritional base. Make some realistic goals and be consistent. Eat clean and healthy diet. Never skip any group of nutrition. Avoid eating junk foods, they produce problems for you. Drink plenty of water glasses. Minimize the intake of sugar and caffeine. Do proper physical workout with focus training.
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  • Obesity.......Kills!!

    Last post: Vikki on 03.05.13 at 18:37 | Started by Flashgg on 18.07.12

    I do agree with this, Obesity is not merely being obese. It is just the quantity of fats on your body. It can struck you in different problems but it can be controlled through a good fitness plan. No worry about time, weight loss is a slow process. Be motivated and consistent.

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  • Diet over exercise?

    Last post: Vikki on 01.05.13 at 17:09 | Started by Nigelmc on 29.04.13

    I totally agree with the idea, diet and exercise both are valuable factors for maintaining healthy weight. It is difficult to choose only one between them. I guess the combination of these two give quick and positive results. More about Diet over exercise?

  • Hello

    Last post: Vikki on 01.05.13 at 17:03 | Started by Vikki on 01.05.13

    Hello All....
    I am new to the here. I was browsing this forum for more than a week and today finally decided to join it. It feels like a nice place to put my feet up and relax. Thanks for accepting me as member of this community.

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