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  • Anal Sex - An Introduction, How to

    Last post: Violet on 15.02.13 at 18:18 | Started by James holt on 14.11.08

    In my vast experience, most men love their arses played with once they get over the 'gay' thing.
    Women on the other hand mostly don't. If you have one that loves it then be grateful. But don't push it on her or do what my ex did to me and tell me how exciting his previous girlfriend was because she took it in all three holes. There's a reason he's my ex.
    Above all, if you are going to try it, make sure she is relaxed, keep talking to her and BE GENTLE!! Once it's in you can go for your life but it can be incredibly painful getting it in there in the first place.
    Be a turtle before you a hare.
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  • Does She Fake It?

    Last post: Violet on 15.02.13 at 18:12 | Started by Bruce on 13.07.11

    Let's remember that men fake it too!
    Perhaps they are tired after work, or think they are hurting the girl, they are too drunk, or maybe she's just not doing it for him. Missionary night after night....yawn!
    Don't try to second guess a girl. If she looks like she is having a good time then she probably is. And unlike men, we have no load to get rid of so it's not as much of a need for us. We can still have sizzling sex without coming every time. (I'll get mail for that one.) Get out the vibrator and get her to show you what she likes. Encourage her to masturbate in front of you. All girls are different. It's fun to work out what your lady likes.
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  • Dirty talk

    Last post: Violet on 15.02.13 at 18:06 | Started by Kaihiwi08 on 15.12.06

    If your lady is too shy to talk dirty then she is not going to respond to you saying something like, 'Tell me what you want me to do to you.'
    Try a more leading approach such as, 'Would you like me to slip my finger in your sexy arse?', or ,'Do I suck your nipples the way you like it?', or perhaps, 'I bought some chocolate sauce to lick off your body parts, where would you like me to start?'
    Open the door to something less vanilla and more enjoyable. She's more likely to go for the ride once she knows you won't reject her for being a dirty girl.
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  • What Can You Learn From 50 Shades of Grey?

    Last post: Violet on 15.02.13 at 17:58 | Started by Hutster7 on 21.06.12

    There is no denying that this book is a phenomenon. Unfortunately it is very repetitive in the fantasy department. Spanking is not the only kinky/unusual/non-vanilla activity out there.
    Do some reading, try some stuff but remember the three rules;
    safe, sane and consensual.
    Have fun!
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  • Anal Sex: Dos and Don'ts

    Last post: Violet on 15.02.13 at 17:55 | Started by Steff S on 10.02.11

    How good is anal?
    When I'm REALLY horny I'm gasping for it. But my guy is eight inches and very thick. He needs to warm me up with his fingers and some toys. And don't forget the lube!
    Once I'm loosened up he can go as hard and as fast as he likes.
    It's all about the gentle start. You don't take off from the lights in 5th gear do you?
    Have fun and enjoy.
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  • Valentine's Day Ideas

    Last post: Violet on 15.02.13 at 17:52 | Started by TC on 03.02.11

    Don't just make it special on V's day. At least once a week you need to think of a nice and different activity. Nothing makes me snore more than lack of spice.
    And girls that get turned on BEFORE you hit the sheets are more willing to put out more often!
    Picnics at the beach/park, doing the dishes, a sexy text during the day, a bottle of bubbles and some porn, a back massage without groping the sexy bits, not at first at least.
    Go for it!
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  • Morning Sex

    Last post: Violet on 15.02.13 at 17:40 | Started by Sene on 26.08.09

    My guy is a tradie. He naturally wakes up at 5am and wants to play. He is awesome in the sack and I am a very lucky girl but it is a bit trying at times. Especially when we have had a late night.
    I have found the best morning position. Doesn't require too much energy and avoids that nasty morning breath.
    Spoon with him behind, then throw your top leg over his two and roll onto your back. Slip it in and off you go. You can gently rock to and fro and it's nice and deep too. Him having eight inches helps too :-)
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