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  • Win a 12 pack of Honest Box Cider

    Last post: Onehousedotcom on 13.02.13 at 16:47 | Started by skoota681 on 11.02.13

    Eeek they sound HONESTly yum lol see what I did there... hope that helps you to deCIDER... hahaha k that didn't go. Pls pls pls hope I win =) More about Win a 12 pack of Honest Box Cider

  • Don't hate the player, hate the game!

    Last post: Onehousedotcom on 13.02.13 at 16:39 | Started by Onehousedotcom on 13.02.13

    I played the game so much and grew tired of it. Possibly cos I would fool around with so many guys and come home still feeling empty. Don't get me wrong, I loved having fun and the free perks I would get from some guys were sooo worth it... But when it came to family occasions such as cousin's wedding, nephew's baptism, I didn't have a legit and consistent plus one. Huhhh. Anyways I'm married now. ONLY cos I got pregnant to the guy. I've grown to love him and it's our 2year anniversary this year =) How we met though is funny, we were both playing the same game and yet fell for one another so a player played a player with a player and now playing a player cos I'm a player that's been playing with a played player? lol! He was a slut so was I and together we made skux boys. lol. After all that I'm hoping my boys will not be as promiscuous as their parents were but on the other hand if we were to have girls, who would want their daughters to go through that? Not me. So we're done with playing with people's feelings, now we're in a loving relationship playing with our sons =) More about Don't hate the player, hate the game!

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