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  • What athlete are you?

    Last post: friends180 on 24.10.12 at 01:57 | Started by barnes10 on 27.08.12

    The slow version of Bolt ha ha! More about What athlete are you?

  • The Pros and Cons of Porn

    Last post: friends180 on 24.10.12 at 01:46 | Started by The Who!? on 30.01.09

    I enjoyed watching porn when I was 18 and 19, but now it has become a problem. I have a slight addiction to it. For example I would rather watch a porn movie on a Friday night than go out with friends. I would rather masturbate over a really hot girl on a porn film than have sex with girl friends who are not as good looking as the ladies in the porn films.

    I also have started spending quite a lot of money on adult content, escorts and webcam chat sites.

    Overall I wish I had never laid eyes on porn, but my brain keeps thinking about watching it whenever it can.

    I would also say that more bad comes out of watching porn than good, especially when your a guy like me, because you will quickly find out that women are nothing like the girls in the porn films, so you will quickly realise it is a total fantasy world. That most of you will never become part of. My advice is to avoid porn get a nice girl friend and find other hobbies, unless you have a really good way of splitting reality from fantasy.

    Hope that helped, and I know I sound bias, but porn has done me more bad than good. Ok I enjoy watching the super hot girls and that, but I will never get to have sex with a girl as good looking as a model, so now I am just depressed and frustrated.

    Any replies are welcome. I have been as honest and as fair as I can be. More about The Pros and Cons of Porn


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