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  • charcoal or gas barbecue?

    Last post: New Member on 17.12.12 at 14:35 | Started by sedd900 on 16.12.12

    Gas is more convienient and probably cheaper in the long run but who can resist the taste of a good ol' charcoal, smoky flavoured steak mmmm my mouth is watering just thinking about it nom nom nom More about charcoal or gas barbecue?

  • Win a Masport BBQ for summer

    Last post: New Member on 17.12.12 at 14:30 | Started by Aaron on 17.12.12

    well I NEED a BBQ - coz I dont have one - and cooking on a BBQ for the summer, actually all year round has always been one of the things I've missed out on being a solo mum of 3 for nearly 15 years, a BBQ was the last thing on my list of priortities to get but now that the kids have left home, it's all about ME and what I want to do so I WANT a BBQ to cook my saussies, steak, kebabs, chicken etc you name it, I WANT TO DO IT!!!! Get me outa the kitchen and into my back yard PLEZZZZZZ!! More about Win a Masport BBQ for summer

  • Jim Beam Honey giveaway

    Last post: New Member on 15.08.12 at 19:55 | Started by Bells-n-Whistles on 13.08.12

    after a hard day of looking after four preschoolers aged 0,1,3 &4 all by MYSELF for 9 hours, yum yum a glass or two of Jimmy goes down smoothly and very much enjoyed and appreciated! More about Jim Beam Honey giveaway

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