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  • The Top Five Couples Sex Toys

    Last post: New Member on 16.07.12 at 11:22 | Started by New Member on 19.06.12

    My top two sex toys are:

    1. KY warming lube: I don't care what anyone says--the KY warming lube is totally worth the extra couple bucks. If you're going for lube, you deserve to have a really intense, satisfying experience. KY knows what they're doing, and they totally up the ante on this one. Check it out:

    2. Clit Flicker: Have you guys heard of this article, A New Twist on the Old Tricks

    It is great for explaining how you can take an "old" position and turn it into something new and maybe a little more exciting... one suggestion in here is adding a toy, something like a cock ring.

    to enhance a particular position. My man and I tried it, and woooooooeeeeeeee! Lol. Anyways, check it out! More about The Top Five Couples Sex Toys

  • Create a Buzz in the Bedroom

    Last post: New Member on 16.07.12 at 11:17 | Started by steve on 17.02.11

    Anyone who has been in a relationship for a significant amount of time (think 6 months +) knows that after a while, it's time to start exploring ways to spice things up in the bedroom.

    I wouldn't want my boyfriend to buy me a vibrator. I prefer a extremely simple toy that adds pleasure for BOTH partners at the same time; a rarity in many cases. This toy does just that


    The Reverse Cowgirl: We know how this one works: the man lays on his back on the bed, and the female straddles her man facing his feet.

    enhance it:

    Reverse Cowgirl +: Slip the vibrating clit flicker on over the man's penis and testicles. Assume the position, and begin rocking. The vibrations will not only drive the man wild, but will also move through the woman's vagina, sending new sensations throughout her insides. As though this isn't enough, the flicking will add increased levels of stimulation to the woman's clitoris and to the man's testicles simultaneously. The added levels of pleasure throughout both partners' bodies will send both people through the roof. More about Create a Buzz in the Bedroom

  • How to buy sex toys for your girlfriend. Part One.

    Last post: New Member on 16.07.12 at 11:02 | Started by Josh on 23.10.08

    My boyfriend buys me the best vibrators! He knows my favorite vibrator is the G-Spot OhMiBod Music Driven G-Spot Vibrator. The device actually hooks up to your iPod, and will vibrate to the beat of your favorite tunes. My boyfriend loves putting together a playlist for me. Anyway, the model is sleek and user-friendly, and on top of all that, hypoallergenic...your man will love all the special effects, and you'll enjoy the pleasure :) More about How to buy sex toys for your girlfriend. Part One.


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