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  • Win a bottle of ABSOLUT UNIQUE

    Last post: T.J. on 01.12.12 at 20:07 | Started by shadowshaded on 26.11.12

    yes please:) More about Win a bottle of ABSOLUT UNIQUE

  • Salad over cooked veges

    Last post: T.J. on 25.11.12 at 17:06 | Started by nzbear on 19.11.12

    one thing i found by accident more than design was adding sliced banana and mango dressing to a chicken salad is soooooooooo good. grosses a few non-experimental foodies out though! More about Salad over cooked veges

  • Charles and Camilla Visit......

    Last post: T.J. on 21.11.12 at 13:05 | Started by Flashgg on 12.11.12

    yup - true gazza but i was thinking more of when they got married and she was basically chosen for breeding stock. It seems a shame that although he has always wanted to be with camilla, it wasnt to be. Thats fair enough, happens all the time, but dont take advantage of what would seem to be a fairly naive young thing like di was (in the beginning), and then expect to keep carrying on with another. not fair to either party and certainly not honorable:( More about Charles and Camilla Visit......

  • Marmite

    Last post: T.J. on 20.11.12 at 15:29 | Started by Onaphobia on 19.03.12

    mwahahaha - still have my marmite - eeking it out veeeeeery slowly. There is just no way I can get myself to like vegemite - have tried and failed! More about Marmite

  • Win a Speights Prize Pack

    Last post: T.J. on 20.11.12 at 15:26 | Started by chris on 19.11.12

    yup yup yup! More about Win a Speights Prize Pack

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