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  • Anarchy in the USA: Tyler, The Creator Reviewed

    Last post: Music Man on 17.11.11 at 15:53 | Started by Karim on 20.06.11

    great article - I love OFWGKTA and think Tyler is really misunderstood. I like the punk connections, because I honestly don't think tyler is rap. I guess hip-hop-punk might be the best way to describe goblin. so good though... thanks More about Anarchy in the USA: Tyler, The Creator Reviewed

  • 24 Hour Movie Marathon!!!

    Last post: Music Man on 13.11.11 at 17:53 | Started by Music Man on 27.10.11

    I don't know man... Spicy food. Close proximity to other people. Sitting for 24 hours. Spicy food can have some nasty side effects that would not make you the most popular person to be around... More about 24 Hour Movie Marathon!!!

  • Big Day Out lineup?

    Last post: Music Man on 07.11.11 at 07:23 | Started by Music Man on 04.11.11

    Haha isn't that true - with that said, in terms of solid festival atmosphere, BDO is unmatched in NZ. Yes, Laneway generally offers superior artists, but what it lacks is the aforesaid festival vibe. BDO is as much about the drunk revelers, as it is about the music... so that's why I will always be down for a big day out. Though I must admit that the Laneway lineup is ridiculously good... Just so expensive! More about Big Day Out lineup?

  • Best films of 2011 so far?

    Last post: Music Man on 05.11.11 at 17:36 | Started by Music Man on 01.11.11

    Hey, I don't mean to sound condescending - but if you thought that Just Go With It was a good film (it holds a 20% on Rotten Tomatoes) then you really are in no place to make a judgement about the quality of films released this year... Frankly there were some excellent ones - you just had to look past the latest offerings at your local Red Box... More about Best films of 2011 so far?

  • How many lollies have you eaten tonight?

    Last post: Music Man on 01.11.11 at 23:23 | Started by Muzza99 on 31.10.11

    Yeah, it is just sad how some people will exploit a well--intentioned holiday. See I have lived in America for many years, and have experienced Halloween over there. It is absolutely different from NZ, namely in that it actually works. It is pitch black, everyone participates, and there are firm traditions that it is based on - harvest season. It used to be one of my fav holidays of the year, but I realised that some things are better left in America. More about How many lollies have you eaten tonight?

  • Tailor made suits...

    Last post: Music Man on 01.11.11 at 23:11 | Started by JasonMantis on 31.10.11

    Oh definitely get a tailor-made suit. I was on the same wave-length as you - all casual as a big up-yours to the establishment - but after I travelled to Hong Kong and got a suit made... I was converted. Having a suit fit you perfectly is a crazy experience. And it looks so damn good. I have had so many comments on my suit - it is fantastic. Could not recommend a tailor made suit more. More about Tailor made suits...

  • Pocket Squares

    Last post: Music Man on 01.11.11 at 23:09 | Started by Steff S on 01.11.11

    I am all for pocket squares. Especially to brighten up a dark suit - possibly go for a pattern like polka dots or stripes. I reckon that pocket squares are very 'in' - take a risk! More about Pocket Squares

  • Rhythm and Vines!

    Last post: Music Man on 28.10.11 at 16:36 | Started by Sambweno on 27.10.11

    From my experience it is not the most child-friendly - lots of drunk people doing crazy things. It gets very wild. It depends which ticket option you go with, but some include camping. Though I think that most R&V official camp grounds would be well sold-out by now. Yeah, Grandmaster Flash would be insane. More about Rhythm and Vines!

  • Win 24 Hours of Movies

    Last post: Music Man on 28.10.11 at 16:31 | Started by KH on 26.10.11

    This looks so good. I am definitely keen. 24 Hours of Movies? Bring it on! More about Win 24 Hours of Movies

  • Art House/sundance films.

    Last post: Music Man on 27.10.11 at 17:25 | Started by Bazil on 28.09.11

    I am a regular Art Houser, and I am a totally dependent on the Criterion Collection for my art house indies.

    The film editions they do at Criterion have tons of special features and are truly beautiful to watch. They spend extra time on the cover and liner notes - it is like the Vinyl record of DVDs (if that makes sense)

    A great film I saw lately was Alejandro Jodorowsky's 1973 cult film The Holy Mountain. Watch it if you dare. Very eye-opening.

    Not a huge fan of Hesher. I do love Joseph Gordon-Levitt but the movie itself was kind of flat. It never went anywhere. And so depressing.

    But it is good to know that there are a few other Art House fans out there :) More about Art House/sundance films.


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