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  • Win an A1GP entry with Formula E

    Last post: Katty on 08.02.12 at 12:42 | Started by Steve Hale on 07.02.12

    What about Frank put a car in to race at www.acesplus.com for readers? Or maybe the ed? Cheapest motorsport on a big track and loads of fun for a few grand a car. I'm dead keen on a crack at these Karts also. Count me in! More about Win an A1GP entry with Formula E

  • Is sex really the same as running a marathon?

    Last post: Katty on 16.11.11 at 14:37 | Started by Katty on 15.11.11

    So it seems there is a division here. And lets face it - the women always say the men cant keep up - but its not so much fun for anyone having a right royal long shag when there is no heart in it. Or good lube for that matter. Maybe we need to think of the exercise session at the gym versus a good sex session. Do they come close? In exertion I mean... I once had sex in a sauna and it was pretty... hot. But I was at peak physical fitness and much younger then. I have also had solid sex just prior to playing sport and really noticed the energy drop. So there is some serious energy being expended in the sack for sure. Just not too sure how much.... not that it even matters! All food for thought.
    More about Is sex really the same as running a marathon?

  • Forza Sport 4 Giveaway

    Last post: Katty on 15.11.11 at 12:40 | Started by charles on 14.11.11

    Im up for that fer shuuure.... More about Forza Sport 4 Giveaway

  • Protecting your brand

    Last post: Katty on 19.10.11 at 09:57 | Started by Katty on 19.10.11

    Interesting - but fairly straight forward me thinks. For a company who state they are experts in small business and have written this piece on branding I feel it might be worth while using a high resolution image for your own logo at the top of this story. The low res image, with grey on white background looks like very average branding IMO. More about Protecting your brand

  • Win a PS3 and Assassin's Creed Revelations

    Last post: Katty on 19.10.11 at 09:43 | Started by Bayard on 11.10.11

    Let me in and I'll give you her phone number.... More about Win a PS3 and Assassin's Creed Revelations

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