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geology student, work 2 jobs, no time to myself, enjoy buying shit online, use the deal aggregator waaay too much...

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  • Do You Believe in Re-Gifting?

    Last post: Tal on 24.01.12 at 01:10 | Started by DeeDee on 27.12.11

    If I get something that I really REALLY don't need and someone I know like my brother needs it then I'd be more than happy to give him it, but thats more sharing, but otherwise, I really don't think its a good idea to re-gift More about Do You Believe in Re-Gifting?

  • Microsoft Prizepack Giveaway

    Last post: Tal on 24.01.12 at 01:06 | Started by David on 23.01.12

    I could use some new stuff for my computer. Thanks!
    More about Microsoft Prizepack Giveaway

  • Newbie getting into shape

    Last post: Tal on 15.09.11 at 11:21 | Started by pwnzealander on 12.08.11

    Ive just gotten back into exercising after I started working at an indian restuarant and put on 20kgs. Ive managed to loose 12 so far just by keeping at it and constantly pushing myself at the gym - increasing how many minutes of running I do a week by 4 and eventually Ill reach half an hour non-stop - sh*t its a lot for me
    Its also important to eat properly. One thing I know helped was eating breakfast - they seriously dont lie about that. Every morning I have 2-3 eggs either scrambled or fried (time is a big thing for me in the mornings) and making sure Im eating right so Im loosing the right type of weight - fat not water.
    Im no expert, crap Im a geology student, but if its worked for me its gotta work for someone else.
    EGGS!!! More about Newbie getting into shape

  • What does your car say about you?

    Last post: Tal on 15.09.11 at 11:03 | Started by shiny on 05.09.11

    Im of two minds what a car says about someones personality. Im the complete opposite of my partner who likes 2 door small engined cars whereas Id me more than happy with a Lincoln Towncar (Im moving to the USA in the next few years). I think the number of doors says something about kids at least, 2 doors = I dont care, 4 = its possible, minivan = RUN!!!

    BTW 4 door '86 BMW 318 Mspec...what does that say? More about What does your car say about you?

  • what is your dream car?

    Last post: Tal on 15.09.11 at 10:51 | Started by New Member on 31.08.11

    Definitely need a head turner. Lancia Stratos HF from 1970. Even if I got one I know I cant fit inside, but it just looks like its going to murder 3 people before breakfast :)
    More about what is your dream car?

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