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  • R18 Competition

    Last post: Shelley on 18.04.12 at 20:14 | Started by Josh on 16.04.12

    Anna Hutchison More about R18 Competition

  • R18 Competition

    Last post: Shelley on 16.11.11 at 10:57 | Started by charles on 14.11.11

    Pierced tongue cock ring, as I'm too chicken to get my tongue peirced and I think this would be pretty cool to use. My misses will love it! More about R18 Competition

  • Stopping smoking.

    Last post: Shelley on 03.11.11 at 20:29 | Started by JasonMantis on 27.10.11

    Cravings are NO JOKE, they are very real, but the good news is they only last 3 days I found the rest was all mental, the even better news is eventually you won't even think about wanting a smoke. I smoke for twenty years, packet a day smoker and could not imagine life with out my morning smoke, after tea smoke, before bed smoke and all the ones in between and now I don't even think about it. Even when stressful events come up I never even think of turning to a smoke. To me it seems crazy that I pay these smoking companies and politians money to give me cancer, to get me addicted to a drug that they don't lie about the fact anymore that it is going to give you cancer, they just laugh as they take our moneyl ITs like slow suicide. More about Stopping smoking.

  • Fitness by boxing trainging

    Last post: Shelley on 28.10.11 at 21:20 | Started by mike on 05.10.11

    I did Zen Do Kai for a while, it was great fun and I got to make new friends and now at least I don't feel quite so scared when I'm out and about, it's good knowing I can defend myself. The fitness part was why I started but in the end wasn't even a though. It was really fun More about Fitness by boxing trainging

  • R18 Competition

    Last post: Shelley on 28.10.11 at 21:11 | Started by Duncan on 14.10.11

    Lelo Alia Vibrator More about R18 Competition

  • Win a PS3 and Assassin's Creed Revelations

    Last post: Shelley on 28.10.11 at 21:05 | Started by Bayard on 11.10.11

    This would be awesome to win, I have wanted a PS3 for so long now and it would be the perfect Christmas presents for us all, me and the kids. Pick me, pretty please More about Win a PS3 and Assassin's Creed Revelations

  • Win No Strings Attached on Blue Ray

    Last post: Shelley on 20.06.11 at 11:09 | Started by HairToday on 20.06.11

    Yes More about Win No Strings Attached on Blue Ray


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