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  • Click Chic

    Last post: KyMike on 05.07.11 at 12:02 | Started by alpha1cowboy on 27.06.11

    The measure up bit, is the only drawback in online shopping. Have had experiences in the past that even when i have measured myself prior to buying have had size issues. Different lines from the same place, even different styles of the same things seem to sometimes vary greatly. Definitely endorse checking the returns always amazinv how inflexible some of these crowds are! More about Click Chic

  • Top 6: Lost Kiwi Beers

    Last post: KyMike on 20.06.11 at 11:32 | Started by EarlyRiser on 07.03.08

    Sometimes there is a damn good reason that beers end up "lost"....most of those beers listed can happily stay lost! More about Top 6: Lost Kiwi Beers

  • inFamous 2. Being a hero is optional

    Last post: KyMike on 20.06.11 at 11:30 | Started by HairToday on 20.06.11

    I'm infamous (especially down at my local) for being completely whipped by my missus! More about inFamous 2. Being a hero is optional

  • Budget 2011 doesn't solve serious problems

    Last post: KyMike on 24.05.11 at 08:44 | Started by Sam on 24.05.11

    Look realistically how much could any government do given the CHCH earthquake and the economic cost of that, and we don't even know the FULL cost yet. Its a smart move to play it say by this government by not making promises they have no idea whether they can keep. More about Budget 2011 doesn't solve serious problems

  • The Carter Decision

    Last post: KyMike on 24.05.11 at 08:41 | Started by KyMike on 24.05.11

    Good move, we keep losing all these guys post world cup and then end up having a huge hole in positions or lack of depth - the bandwagoners then start saying how can we get this person back, we need them.. "oh please come back" Carl Hayman anyone?
    Mentoring by these guys is almost important as having them there, its the transfer of knowledge at that level which needs continuity. So well don NZRU More about The Carter Decision


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