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  • Do you argue?

    Last post: carole on 30.08.16 at 12:23 | Started by JasonMantis on 25.09.11

    Arguing isn't necessarily bad for a relationship ,it's how you argue that's important so I'm told ,and it can clear the air and resolve issues ,but if you are constantly arguing I would say there's a problem,and you aren't too happy,it's normal to have differences ,and not always get along ,it's how you deal with them that' makes or breaks your relationship. More about Do you argue?

  • Win tickets to Mel Gibson's Blood Father

    Last post: carole on 30.08.16 at 12:19 | Started by David on 29.08.16

    Sounds an action packed exciting movie ,count me in please More about Win tickets to Mel Gibson's Blood Father

  • Dog or cats?

    Last post: carole on 30.08.16 at 12:18 | Started by Gabser on 23.06.14

    I love all animals,but adore felines ,they are so beautiful to look at ,have very endearing qualities ,I love how independent they are and how aloof they can be ,they may not be as loyal as a dog,but they certainly rule my household ,they are cute,and cuddly and totally adorable ,very clean animals and they don't need to be taken for a walk . More about Dog or cats?

  • Win with The Loop Duty Free

    Last post: carole on 30.08.16 at 12:14 | Started by gerryg on 24.08.16

    Great prize yes please More about Win with The Loop Duty Free

  • best movie this year?

    Last post: carole on 27.10.15 at 12:02 | Started by dan_wise_man on 18.09.14

    well so far i have only seen a few movies, THE MARTIAN, i can highly recommend this, did not think it was my cup of tea so to speak, but i loved it, it is even quite a long movie, but Matt Damon make is so interesting, do go see it, another great movie was MISS U ALREADY,absolutely loved this movie, best ever with amazing actresses Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore, neither of them will let you down, a tear jerker,so bring your tissues, but really well written and acted, brilliant, i am sure the ladies will love this one most, take your bestie with you, i took my hubby but he enjoyed it too.

    More about best movie this year?

  • Win Humans of New York: Stories

    Last post: carole on 27.10.15 at 12:00 | Started by Lee on 27.10.15

    oh yes please i would really love to read this book More about Win Humans of New York: Stories

  • What book are you reading?

    Last post: carole on 27.10.15 at 11:59 | Started by Steff S on 27.08.12

    i am reading the THE GIRL IN THE SPIDERS WEB, takes a bit of getting in to this story, not quite like the others, and i don't know it is because i know its a different author or not, but this is obvious to me, it is starting to get good now, but has taken me to get through half the book before i really found it interesting, i do hope they release a film though as it will be entertaining, finding it a wee struggle to keep me my interest, but i will keep at it , i am sure it is going to get exciting, hoping so More about What book are you reading?

  • Win SPECTRE film giveaways

    Last post: carole on 27.10.15 at 11:56 | Started by Marley on 26.10.15

    sure love to win to take my hard working deserving hubby, be a real treat for us both More about Win SPECTRE film giveaways

  • Old flag or new

    Last post: carole on 07.09.15 at 11:45 | Started by nzbear on 07.09.15

    i have to entirely agree with nzbear, it is a big waste of money, so many issues we should be tackling, like health care, elderly care,poverty etc etc, the list goes on and on, yes i do find the old flag confusing with OZ so for that reason and that alone a new one would be nice, but at the price we are paying for it, NO absolutely not, use the money more wisely i say. More about Old flag or new

  • Win A $50 Menulog Voucher

    Last post: carole on 07.09.15 at 11:43 | Started by Lee on 07.09.15

    yes please this is always a great prize in our household, hoping to win and have a lovely meal More about Win A $50 Menulog Voucher

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