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  • congratulate the All Blacks

    Last post: Retepdw321 on 08.10.13 at 14:17 | Started by Maha on 07.10.13

    I want to just say that I was gob smacked to see that game end in the fashion that it did. I was hoping for the Spring boks to kick our asses into touch and make us see that we aint all that and a come back to earth for us would of been a blessing for me. But alas, well done to the mighty men in black for their well played game. Next year may see the Spring boks lift that cup off us. Raa Raa Boyes!!! More about congratulate the All Blacks

  • Win 1x Blunt Umbrella

    Last post: Retepdw321 on 08.10.13 at 14:13 | Started by H. on 07.10.13

    Wow, once again the creative minds in New Zealand comes up with the innovation, design, technology and wear with all, that leaves the rest of the world floating on the wind and pelted with rain lol! What a fantastic recipe, the spring weather with this innovative/ground breaking re-invention, make the need for keeping a small carbon foot print within means and also saves on the cost of travel, with in the township minimal, and adds to the sense of self worth and the cost on the country. A great big woohoo to you all!!! More about Win 1x Blunt Umbrella

  • Win Resident Evil: Retribution on Blu-ray

    Last post: Retepdw321 on 14.01.13 at 15:19 | Started by Crunch on 14.01.13

    I would love to win this latest installment of this frachise as I am/was a fan from the 1st installment of the game and the 1st movie all the way to know and alas...'all good things must come to an end, I was young as and now I have aged nearly 20 years since playing the 1st game. Long may Miss Milla live!!!
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  • Interview: Buck Shelford

    Last post: Retepdw321 on 14.01.13 at 15:12 | Started by HBC on 14.01.13

    After watching this man (THAT"S BUCK) having the time of his life being entertained and welcomed by the People of Castro's Cuba, all the impetus to be a healthy and physically fit was inspired by him to me and all other men whom watched that excellent television program for our betterment. All that we have should make us contend daily to have better health and physicality.
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