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  • Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 30.04.11 at 15:15 | Started by Prettyboy on 27.04.11

    I think a lot of people, especially in New Zealand, only really work to make money, so that they can make ends meet. With the tough times we're in now, and the even tougher times ahead, this will remain our individual focus. For companies, on the other hand, in order to survive they need to look at ways of ensuring that they are worthy of staying in business. I think this drive to find purpose beyond just the desire to make money will become a greater part of those companies who remain successful. It will become a necessity.

    If I'm right, and the proportion of rich compared to the proportion of poor and average people increases, there is going to be less money to go around, and prices are going to continue to rise. Some day soon, the weekly wage of many of the average wage earners are not going to be sufficient enough to cater to their existing lifestyles, and just as the poor are struggling now, the vast majority of people are going to start suffering. Successful companies, and those who invest in them, are going to have to account for their profiteering, and they will be judged by their contributions back to society - their purpose.

    So I see it as an interesting time ahead. A lot of change on the economic front and a lot of personal lifestyle changes. Businesses will have no choice but to change along side it all. More about Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

  • Hero dog

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 30.04.11 at 14:50 | Started by Prettyboy on 27.04.11

    I guess that's why they call them "Man's best friend." They have a heart of love for others, including their own. I'm glad the other dog survived. More about Hero dog

  • The Art of War Part 6

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 30.04.11 at 14:46 | Started by JamesM on 28.04.11

    You have to wonder what kind of life Sun Tzu had to have gained so much experience of warfare tactics. If his plans are so accurate and still followed today then he must have gained these insights through hard-earned trial and error. That's a lot of exposure to war.

    I question whether or not the men deployed at Normandy were actually heroes, or just naive sheep blindly following their leaders. I couldn't imagine someone willingly going on such a suicide mission as these men put themselves through. I can believe that the leaders knew the odds were low and just didn't tell their troops. I have no doubt, however, that those men who survived were definitely heroes - for having no choice but to go "where angels fear to tread". That would be one hell of a rush! More about The Art of War Part 6

  • Zombie Apocalypse Casting in Wellington

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 30.04.11 at 14:27 | Started by Battler on 28.04.11

    Haha. All zombie films have to make you laugh. That's part of the fun. The Indian woman at the end scared me the most. I just didn't know what she was going to do next, and I could feel the tension building. LOL. More about Zombie Apocalypse Casting in Wellington

  • Online Game: Smashing

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 30.04.11 at 14:22 | Started by EarlyRiser on 30.04.11

    Level 1. Only 1700 points. It's harder than it looks. Either that or I suck! :( More about Online Game: Smashing

  • School bus hits big bump

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 30.04.11 at 14:18 | Started by Prettyboy on 28.04.11

    It reminds me of a video from a while ago too. Obviously this can happen at anytime considering most buses don't have seatbelts - not that children would wear them anyway. It surprises me that they always have a camera filming it. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure all buses have cameras. I've just never thought twice about them. I wonder if there's any good footage of me out there...? More about School bus hits big bump

  • Japanese Prank Show

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 30.04.11 at 14:13 | Started by Wice on 30.04.11

    That's pretty funny. Candid camera jokes have come a long way over the years. I like the way the photo was actually of the old men. Classic. More about Japanese Prank Show

  • Reinstating democracy

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 04.04.11 at 10:41 | Started by Hippynz on 29.03.11

    Wasn't the anti-smacking referendum binding? It was completely ignored. I think those in power will simply do whatever they think is best for the country regardless of the public backlash. I think that only a civil uprising will cause the leaders to think twice about their decisions. Something NZ is too much like sheep to do. More about Reinstating democracy

  • Frank's Home Bar Essentials

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 30.03.11 at 12:42 | Started by John on 28.03.11

    Sweet Chivas Regal, come to me my friend. Forget the cocktails, straight up, that's the way. Mmmm ...zzz More about Frank's Home Bar Essentials

  • Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 18.03.11 at 15:16 | Started by Tania Anderson on 14.03.11

    Rove McManus: "I tried some of that new 'Charlie Sheen' drug today. Did nothing for me. Found out afterwards it was just a bad cut of Emilio Estevez." More about Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes

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