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  • Test Your Bounty Hunting Skills and Win the ULTIMATE Boys Adventure Weekend

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 17.06.11 at 15:32 | Started by Bernard on 13.06.11

    Definitely Paul Henry!

    More about Test Your Bounty Hunting Skills and Win the ULTIMATE Boys Adventure Weekend

  • Things that...

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 26.05.11 at 11:03 | Started by George on 05.07.07

    Z could have been for the rebranding of Shell. The advertising is making out that their all about us, and we're going to be delighted by the changes ahead. Does this mean that we're going to see someone sell petrol at reduced prices? NO! But I guess we'll feel good about buying the petrol from a company that cares about us. Whatever that means! More about Things that...

  • Budget 2011 doesn't solve serious problems

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 26.05.11 at 10:43 | Started by Sam on 24.05.11

    I agree, polically safe! Sadly, we are in unfortunate times, and the government has to have the balls to make widespread changes to get us out of the poo. National didn't want to do this pre-election as they'd lose a lot of supporters. It's up to Labour now to see if they can offer a better recovery package than National. Sadly, I don't feel that they'll go there either.

    Don't be surprised that after whatever government gets in in November, swift and radical changes will occur not long after. They have to. More about Budget 2011 doesn't solve serious problems

  • The death of superinjunctions?

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 26.05.11 at 10:34 | Started by alpha1cowboy on 25.05.11

    I've always believed that it's one set of rules for the poor, and another for the rich. If you've got the money then you can always higher someone who knows the way out of the predicament you've got yourself in.

    "I did not have sexual relations with that woman," said Bill Clinton taking the view that being given oral sex was somehow nothing like having sex with a woman. He didn't win that one because he had too much opposition, but others get away with it if they grease the right wheels.

    It's sad to say that that's the way the world works and theere's nothing we can do about it. But I do praise the internet highly for how it enables the truth to rise up against the rich. Perhaps you're right, maybe things will change. More about The death of superinjunctions?

  • 3D No glasses

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 26.05.11 at 10:23 | Started by EarlyRiser on 26.05.11

    WTF? Computers that open and close our eyes in sinc with the projected image on the screen? I can already feel the headache forming in my brain. Haha, imagine the after effects while walking home from the cinema. More about 3D No glasses

  • The Secret Life of Chaos Part 5

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 26.05.11 at 10:17 | Started by EarlyRiser on 26.05.11

    Do you know why scientists throw God out of the equation? It's because they can't understand God, and prefer to stick with what they know instead. I tell you, evolution and God are the same thing. If we only just come out of the dark ages with our beliefs about God, we'd realise that he's all around us creating our realities.

    Mandelbrot's fractals exist, and noone disputes that. He never really mentioned this in the video, but our brain paths are also composed of fractals. They are everywhere, and they can be seen as logical to scientists, magic to others, and God to those who believe higher, like myself.

    I simply loved the equation z = z2 + c, where z is included as both the source factor and the product. Imagine if God were the source factor, and he grew over time to produce manifestations of himself, sub-creators (or Sons) that continued in his image and likeness. God would always be the source factor for all creations, as would He be every product of creation, following perfectly designed patterns.

    I don't know. Maybe that's blasphemy to call something that's created to be on a par with the creator. But in the end, if God is all-powerful, then wouldn't there only be God in all instances, even if we thought of ourselves as separate from Him? More about The Secret Life of Chaos Part 5

  • Dan Gilbert - Why Are We Happy?

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 26.05.11 at 08:34 | Started by EarlyRiser on 26.05.11

    Interesting. I still agree, though, in what William Shakespeare said: "It is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so." Even the bible says that nothing is evil except to him who thinks it.

    The paraplegic, in the shown example, is as happy as the lotto winner because, after a year, he has accepted his life. Accepting what is, is what brings happiness. Always looking forward to what could be (in the simulated happiness model) is really hoping beyond what is, and this could bring unhappiness if your wish for it becomes so great that you become miserable with what is.

    I think I could be happy in prison, once the shock of the change of life passes. Probably just as happy as if I took the suggested trip to Tahiti. It's not what the world can give to you that brings happiness, it's how you view what you have that overcomes unhappiness. More about Dan Gilbert - Why Are We Happy?

  • Kate Upton

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 14.05.11 at 17:14 | Started by Adrianne on 13.05.11

    I have a couple of very big problems with this. One, I wasn't looking at the swimsuits, and that was the whole point of the fashion show wasn't it? Two, they deliberately chose a very voluptuous and bouncy (not everyone has both of those attributes) woman to promote those aforementioned swimsuits. I just don't get it! But then, I'm just a man, and what would I be doing shopping for swimsuits anyway. More about Kate Upton

  • Dilemma DVD Giveaway

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 09.05.11 at 20:14 | Started by samala on 09.05.11

    What if you're wrong and the girl is doing something innocent with another guy behind your mates back, like setting up a surprise birthday party or arranging something else secretly. You might find your sticky beak where it's not wanted. I'd like to take the less paranoid approach and start hinting to my mates girlfriend that I saw her doing something and let her explain what's going on before I start throwing accusations around. Once you bring suspicion into a relationship, you leave the stain of doubt between them, which is just not on! More about Dilemma DVD Giveaway

  • Interview: Ben Stiller

    Last post: EarlyRiser on 04.05.11 at 14:03 | Started by 14MsDee on 02.05.11

    I've always likened Ben Stiller to Adam Sandler, and used to get them mixed up at the beginning of their respective careers. These days, I see they couldn't be more removed from each other. Ben Stiller plays a bumbling but reliable character in all his movies, whereas Adam Sandler's characters carry quite a big ego with them. All in all, Ben Stiller always plays a better role, in my opinion. I generally have more in common with him and can appreciate his comedy style. There's Something about Mary absolutely cracked me up, and his career has blossomed since that one. More about Interview: Ben Stiller

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