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  • Netflix or Lightbox?

    Last post: JohnGx on 29.10.15 at 10:11 | Started by peter on 12.05.15

    I'd recommend trying all you can via free trials available to all the services. Check out Neon too as alluded to earlier - that is a kind of hybrid of Netflix and Lightbox in my opinion.

    I've tried them all and currently subscribe to Netflix. Lightbox is too limited in just dealing with TV series for my tastes. It can be annoying when your current TV series of choice is not offered by your streaming provider (Netflix/Lightbox/Neon) but you can try take advantage of a free trial to get around that! Don't miss out on the free 6/12 month trials offered as part of Spark/Vodafone broadband deals.

    So for me : Netflix because I'm more a movie/doco guy

    More about Netflix or Lightbox?

  • Win SPECTRE film giveaways

    Last post: JohnGx on 29.10.15 at 10:05 | Started by Marley on 26.10.15

    This looks good More about Win SPECTRE film giveaways

  • have you thought about getting a NUC?

    Last post: JohnGx on 18.06.14 at 05:53 | Started by JohnGx on 18.06.14

    How's your NUC?

    NUC - Next Unit of Computing.

    These are small boxes, literally the size of a decent book with more of a square shape. They can come with wifi and lan connections, no cd drives (sorry - this is the way of the future), USB , HDMI , audio ports.

    For about $400 you can get one of these and all you need is a keyboard, mouse, monitor (if your existing monitor doesn't support HDMI, you can get adapters that convert from VGA to HDMI or DVI to HDMI), and the know-how or a friend that can install windows or an alternative operating system on a hard drive. Some of these come with hard drives and some don't. Read the specifications carefully. Some of the NUCs have infrared - I'm guessing for remote control support. If any of you have tried a NUC and set it up as a media box I'm keen to know and see about how you have yours setup.

    If you're after a media device or just a basic internet PC, then these make for a good option. They haven't really been pushed out through the major channels to my knowledge (consumer stores like DSE, Noel Lemmings, etc).

    Some examples of NUCs:


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  • Win a haircare pack from the all new System Professional MEN range

    Last post: JohnGx on 18.06.14 at 05:38 | Started by Judy on 16.06.14

    oh wow - yes please. Need some new product to combat dandruff! More about Win a haircare pack from the all new System Professional MEN range

  • Win A NIOXIN Diaboost

    Last post: JohnGx on 18.06.14 at 05:37 | Started by Judy on 16.06.14

    my hair is thinning - this would be good to try More about Win A NIOXIN Diaboost

  • Home made museli

    Last post: JohnGx on 09.06.14 at 23:12 | Started by JohnGx on 09.06.14

    Any of you tried it? It's nice to have a 'hand' in what you eat. Especially if you like to try something a bit different and haven't done it before. I'm a fan of oats from apple crumble - not that a cereal will taste as good, but it can be close.

    Most recipes I came across had some honey mixed in with oats that were then put in the oven to cook before adding other stuff like dried fruit. The one I ended up trying however had no added sugar, some coconut, whole almonds (you can buy them chopped and this is recommended if you want smaller almonds), oats, dried apricots.

    One tip is to not put the fruit in till the end as you might end up with rock hard bits that don't taste nice! I think there are exceptions to this but just thought it was worth mentioning.

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  • Win! NIVEA MEN Pack

    Last post: JohnGx on 09.06.14 at 23:08 | Started by Lee on 09.06.14

    Skin problems: dandruff (come on - it's skin!), dryness (not nice feeling!) More about Win! NIVEA MEN Pack

  • Win 3 Great Walk Durable Maps Worth $24.99 each

    Last post: JohnGx on 21.03.14 at 06:39 | Started by Lee on 17.03.14

    me please. would be a good reason to get back on the walking trails More about Win 3 Great Walk Durable Maps Worth $24.99 each

  • motivation

    Last post: JohnGx on 25.11.13 at 20:45 | Started by grant on 25.11.13

    Agree with a combo of the above.

    I think we all suffer from lack of motivation at some stage. There are a few key parts in my opinion:

    - how you cope with that mindset - that lack of motivation. Don't beat yourself up too much if you fail/fall at one stage. This is the difference between you falling further and you going on from where you are at. Imagine it like climbing a wall. It's ok to rest where you are sometimes or slip a bit, just keep going up. A bit of junk food here and there or a missed day of exercise isn't great - but you can try the 'no zero day' thing a poster above mentioned. If you find yourself slipping too much you might benefit from having a workout buddy - someone to run/walk/play sports with.

    - the initial plan to achieve what you want (make sure it's not too demanding. Better to achieve bit by bit rather than aim to do the greatest ever workout mankind has seen - something about our mentality automatically opts for this version over the smaller and simpler more likely to stick version of a workout). There are plenty online. As an above poster said - just try do something each day and be regular.

    - people or a person around you to help hold you accountable (might be someone just asking you each day about your goal - thing is , the more people you tell about it - the more invested you are in achieving your goal)

    Hope these tips help. Best of luck with losing the 4kg! More about motivation

  • WIN a Remington WetTech Rotary Shaver worth $269.99 - perfect in time for Christmas!

    Last post: JohnGx on 25.11.13 at 20:35 | Started by Judy on 25.11.13

    keen. More about WIN a Remington WetTech Rotary Shaver worth $269.99 - perfect in time for Christmas!

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