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  • How many ways can you open a beer?

    Last post: dory on 07.05.11 at 11:48 | Started by Jackson on 05.05.11

    Where can I get this 'epic' beer from! I have never heard of it before :) It is a awesome name :p..Sooo 70 ways to open a beer, half of them ild be scared to actually drink afterwards! There is bound to be some glass or something in there, that surely cant be safe. But I still like the idea of the ad. Where was the opening it with your teeth way?............ More about How many ways can you open a beer?

  • Foo Fighters perform at the Pizza Man's garage

    Last post: dory on 07.05.11 at 11:43 | Started by dory on 07.05.11

    Good ol' foo fighters! LOVE EM :) More about Foo Fighters perform at the Pizza Man's garage

  • Top Six ways to drink without anyone knowing....

    Last post: dory on 07.05.11 at 11:40 | Started by Aidz on 24.04.11

    Priceless!!!! Some great ideas...I have to say the that the wine rack cracked me up. Im pleased to see that the 'Vodka drip' wasnt in here....LOL! More about Top Six ways to drink without anyone knowing....

  • Steamed sea bass

    Last post: dory on 07.05.11 at 11:39 | Started by dory on 07.05.11

    This looks quite not sure about seeing the full fish on a place thing though ;). I love the ginger idea though, i LOVE LOVE LOVE Ginger! In recipes i always add at least double of the recommended amount, or else you dont get the nice hit of it. Now youve made me hungry..... :( More about Steamed sea bass

  • Great Barrier Reef

    Last post: dory on 07.05.11 at 11:36 | Started by Rugbylocos on 01.10.07

    This place looks absolutely beautiful! There is only one beach i recall from new zealand that has such nice water like this, and it was mathesons bay! I still cant get over how nice it looks! Hopefully one day ill get to go overseas and visit this place ;) ..And i guess ive already got my accomodation sorted. Thanks for posting the top 10! :D More about Great Barrier Reef

  • Tomatoes tart

    Last post: dory on 07.05.11 at 11:33 | Started by grant on 04.05.11

    This looks delicious. Nice and easy, perfect for a university student on a lowwwwwwwwwww budget :) I wonder if the rye and wheat flour could be substituted for normal flour? Maybe im going crazy...but ive never heard of yellow tomatoes! ... or are those just the ones that are not completly ripe yet. Good thing with this recipe is that you can easily substitute stuff in...some capsicum and mushrooms would be nice ;) and maybe even some feta cheese! MMMMMMMMMMMM More about Tomatoes tart

  • Interview: Ben Stiller

    Last post: dory on 02.05.11 at 14:21 | Started by 14MsDee on 02.05.11

    Aaaaah! Meet the parents, Meet the Fockers and Little Fockers have to be right up there with my favourite movies :) By reading this interview it sounds like hes a crack up person in real life too, yet soo down to earth. PLEASE MAKE A FORTH! Ben got me for a second when he said that the kids are actually 40years...had to do a bit of a google after that! What a joker. Great movies, all three of them :) More about Interview: Ben Stiller

  • 1968 Chevrolet Camaro – Bruised Black

    Last post: dory on 20.04.11 at 20:34 | Started by barnes10 on 05.04.11

    one word. seeeeexy More about 1968 Chevrolet Camaro – Bruised Black

  • Mini Cooper

    Last post: dory on 20.04.11 at 20:33 | Started by barnes10 on 23.03.11

    Out of all the cars you had reviewed on this site, I definately have to say that the Mini is my fav! Although I definately prefer the more 'old school' type mini, I would stilll definately drive one of these beauties ;). I think its cute that these are '99mm' longer than the older long as it doesnt lose its mini feel its sweet. I pretty much love the Mini's for their edgy retro vintage style - I feel that they are getting a bit 'posh' these days - as with most cars I guess. So many functions that are in the car, that you do not even know how to use! Overall I think that these cars are very cute! - but I prefer the old fashioned, old school type cars :). The types you dont care going over 100km in because your not scared of getting little scratches on it or the gravel wrecking it. I have uploaded a pic of a meaaaaan older version of a mini! My dream car......... More about Mini Cooper

  • Music Video: David Dallas – Til Tomorrow

    Last post: dory on 30.03.11 at 21:15 | Started by dory on 30.03.11

    i LOVE this! is this guy new? funky video. was worried that this video was going to be something like rebecca black (only cos it was in recreation section) and for some odd reason i thought recreation meant funny stuff? but then of course NZ is full of great talent! anna paquin..sciribe, gin wigmore, kids of 88, dane rumble, annabel fay, brooke fraser. AND THE LIST GOES ON :) rock on NZ! :) More about Music Video: David Dallas – Til Tomorrow


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