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  • Tips to reduce stress during christmas

    Last post: rosey on 25.10.13 at 23:22 | Started by riven on 30.12.12

    I make a Christmas cake and mince for mince pies each year, i start shopping for ingredients in September then i feel I'm under way, here's how i try and do stress less. Firstly budget, know how much you have to spend in total,Write a list of food you want/need, i start in January by buying one thing a week if i can for the next year, paper, cards gift sets etc, i also start putting all silver coins in my purse at the end of the week in a jar, i leave that till December (i have been known to remove a few sometimes) but as a rule it stays there, that buys veg fresh cream last minute things etc, but small things if you need to when you see A bargain, don't forget the 4 year old dora fan might be more into brats dolls by next Christmas, match a person to the gift, better then getting them back as your gift next year, i make a lot of gifts, from cake mixes in a jar to things i know certain people like getting,if you have A family to buy for think about a family pass to a zoo or event, put $1 away when you can towards it. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to tell your family and your children if money's tight, the children will thank you in later years for being honest with them and learnt their respect.think about a picnic, everyone brings something for the table, put everyone's name in a hat and all choose 1 name to gift too. Decorate where you hold the picnic, we had an evening one last year , was a lovely relaxed event, so deep breath, plan early, enjoy the build up to it as well.enjoy the season. Don't begger yourself for it. Merry Christmas More about Tips to reduce stress during christmas

  • Reasons why Facebook is bad

    Last post: rosey on 04.10.13 at 23:17 | Started by Prettyboy on 17.04.12

    It takes the mystery out of life! I love catching up with friends and family on the phone or email or letter, now when you talk to someone , you ask how something went and the reply is 'oh i put it on Facebook'i want to be told and talk about it, to congratulate, sympathise or whatever, to hear the emotion in their voice,i don't want to have to check Facebook 20 times a day to see who went shopping, had dentist appt, or threw up etc whose cats had kittens etc, i dont like photos on tbere either, i know i sound a misery , im not, just sick of facebook. i just want a conversation with people, then there's the stalkers etc! Oh dear More about Reasons why Facebook is bad

  • Win 1 in 2 Avalanche Duo packs

    Last post: rosey on 04.10.13 at 23:09 | Started by bradie on 30.09.13

    Coffee at 11 is my guilty pleasure, a large mug of latte and peace and quiet, can make the day semester than it sometime is! This prize would be wonderful! More about Win 1 in 2 Avalanche Duo packs

  • Can Wrinkles be Diminished by Lotions and Potions

    Last post: rosey on 24.09.13 at 22:09 | Started by Jangoy on 02.09.13

    I think there are products that hydrate your skin and make them seem lighter but as a whole they are there for a reason, i like to think its because I've had the life experiences that have shaped my defining wrinkles, I've laughed, grinned, grimaced, cried, made silly faces and more.the proofs all there. I just keep em Fed and nourished More about Can Wrinkles be Diminished by Lotions and Potions

  • Win 1 of 3 NIVEA MEN packs valued at $43

    Last post: rosey on 24.09.13 at 22:04 | Started by Kiwi Gas on 21.09.13

    I would love to win this for my hubby, he deserves some pampering, nivea is such a trusted brand and a pleasure to use and the smell so fresh and clean.
    More about Win 1 of 3 NIVEA MEN packs valued at $43

  • V graphite giveaway

    Last post: rosey on 31.08.13 at 21:00 | Started by nuttydread on 26.08.13

    I've not tried V, perhaps it would help with the tiredness and lethargic feeling I've felt this winter, be great to start spring with a spring in my step and looking forward to each day! More about V graphite giveaway

  • Win with Old Spice

    Last post: rosey on 06.08.13 at 12:01 | Started by shadowshaded on 05.08.13

    Old spice brings back lots of memories for me, every Christmas i would buy my dad a gift pack, the smell is unique to aftershaves i think More about Win with Old Spice

  • Win tickets to ELYSIUM

    Last post: rosey on 06.08.13 at 11:57 | Started by shadowshaded on 05.08.13

    Love sci .fi and Matt Damon, this sounds a great movie, can't wait! More about Win tickets to ELYSIUM


    Last post: rosey on 06.08.13 at 11:55 | Started by New Member on 01.07.13

    I don't watch sports on tv but i think there should be a free to air channel, tv is for everyone, for a wide range of reasons, we should and could all be catered for, it would perhaps encourage people to take part in A sport, to excersize etc.the programmes seem to go in cycles, lately its home renovations, cooking and talent, I'm presuming this is because they are cheaper to make and if they can get one popular one then more can and do follow,
    Why can't we have a sports channel that gives us sports like darts, snooker, small bore shooting etc as well as the money makers, just because its free doesn't mean lack of quality or choice, so yes ,we should have a free to air in my opinion. More about SPORTS SHOULD BE FREE TO AIR!!!!!!

  • Win a Vodafone Smart Mini

    Last post: rosey on 06.08.13 at 11:44 | Started by skoota681 on 05.08.13

    This looks like a good entry level phone for a newbie to smartphone, good size, functions and price More about Win a Vodafone Smart Mini

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