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  • Interview: Liam Neeson

    Last post: Spastic_Muffin on 20.08.12 at 13:03 | Started by CORTEX on 20.08.12

    Liam Neeson in Taken - absolutely fantastic. I'd totally want him as my dad, just to hunt those bastards down and kick their ass :D All over it. More about Interview: Liam Neeson

  • Jim Beam Honey giveaway

    Last post: Spastic_Muffin on 13.08.12 at 13:45 | Started by Bells-n-Whistles on 13.08.12

    Now this looks yummy, counts me in! More about Jim Beam Honey giveaway

  • Top Six ways to drink without anyone knowing....

    Last post: Spastic_Muffin on 13.08.12 at 13:45 | Started by Aidz on 24.04.11

    These are gold. My mate had a solid idea and built some comfy as jandels with built in flasks. Just pop the side on one of them and you've got your booze. Gold. :D and great for summer. More about Top Six ways to drink without anyone knowing....

  • The King Bee has landed!

    Last post: Spastic_Muffin on 23.07.12 at 19:50 | Started by NotTheMan on 29.06.12

    16 and legal... in some aspects anyway ;) More about The King Bee has landed!

  • Diesel – Only The Brave Tattoo

    Last post: Spastic_Muffin on 14.05.12 at 12:54 | Started by Flashgg on 01.05.12

    Would love to get this for my man. He’s a cross between Bear Grylls and a mad Metro. Usually find him out fishing or in garden building some sort of random structure (last was a tipi, not even kidding) but then when it comes to a function or town, he definitely likes to smell nice. Would be good to throw into the mix : D More about Diesel – Only The Brave Tattoo

  • The Dictator Giveaway

    Last post: Spastic_Muffin on 14.05.12 at 12:49 | Started by mahmmatesrulez on 14.05.12

    Awesome prize pack. This man has balls and not afraid to push social standards and be non PC. Can’t wait to see The Dictator! More about The Dictator Giveaway

  • Is the GC worth $430,000?

    Last post: Spastic_Muffin on 14.05.12 at 12:47 | Started by barnes10 on 03.05.12

    I thought it was utter rubbish. Agreed with many that it is just a low attempt to be like Geordie Shore and Jersey Shore. I’m not going lie, I quite enjoy Geordie Shore based on the fact they are much more real than the Jersey Shore characters. Their language and attitudes is always a good laugh. However the GC just made me feel like they are putting the kiwi name to shame. I’m part Maori and sure, by all means I’d go over to make more money and further my career if the opportunity came about however they just seem like a bunch of air heads trying to be cool and make a name for themselves for all the wrong reasons. Not actually striving hard for their careers or anything. I think it’s a massive waste of money. All that lame ‘aunties’ talk, I mean really? More about Is the GC worth $430,000?

  • WIN HydroxyBurn PRO

    Last post: Spastic_Muffin on 26.03.12 at 12:03 | Started by mahmmatesrulez on 26.03.12

    This would definitely help with my fitness / muscle/ weightloss goals. Just an added kick : D More about WIN HydroxyBurn PRO

  • Whats your favourite form of exercise?

    Last post: Spastic_Muffin on 26.03.12 at 12:02 | Started by James on 21.07.11

    Best thing for me…. Running outside and through bush walks. Strap the iPod to the arm, and go. As simple as that. But key for these would be to create a playlist before I go to set the mood for the run and what I want to achieve. Do I want to relax and unwind- The Verve or something mellow. Do I want to push myself fitness wise- Hardhouse. Music makes my world go round and helps me get into the exercise zone. If I don’t have my tunes when I run, my mind ticks over way too much and I end up not enjoying my fitness. But I feel running out and surrounding yourself with nature are the best endorphins. Don’t need to pay for the gym when you have nature on your doorstep. More about Whats your favourite form of exercise?

  • best movie of 2011

    Last post: Spastic_Muffin on 24.01.12 at 13:13 | Started by sedd900 on 26.12.11

    I’d run with Bridesmaids based on Comedy. It was good to have a movie with girls that have that blunt sense of humour just like you see in movies like Superbad etc. made me giggle all day long. More about best movie of 2011

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