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  • The 10 worst fashion crimes (according to stuff)

    Last post: samala on 25.09.12 at 20:19 | Started by Gazza on 20.09.12

    I so agree! I was driving down the road with my daughter and saw a man on his bike wearing lycra shorts and bright yellow crocs, it was so wrong. One of the biggest fashion crimes I'v seen. More about The 10 worst fashion crimes (according to stuff)

  • Sleep Like a Baby

    Last post: samala on 24.09.12 at 21:02 | Started by Mia on 24.09.12

    My husband has a shocking sleeping pattern, he has had 4 operations over the last few years so is always in pain and has a lot of stress so doesn't sleep very well. He tries to catch up with a nap during the day which our 2year old and 4 year old think is the best time to make as much noise as possible. Will definitely be showing him this article, any advice is so welcomed. More about Sleep Like a Baby

  • NIVEA Giveaway: NIVEA FOR MEN 3-In-1 Shower Gel Pack

    Last post: samala on 24.09.12 at 20:56 | Started by thomas on 24.09.12

    Gotta love a body wash that doesn't leave your man smelling like flowers! Thanks :-) More about NIVEA Giveaway: NIVEA FOR MEN 3-In-1 Shower Gel Pack

  • Picnic Chocolate Bars.

    Last post: samala on 24.09.12 at 20:52 | Started by New Member on 19.09.12

    It's the perfect thing to take if your going for a hike in the bush. I went for a 4 day hike and camp last year and took a few of these along for the trip, gave me just the energy I needed without having to stop. More about Picnic Chocolate Bars.

  • Win with Gillette MACH3 Turbo Sensitive

    Last post: samala on 24.09.12 at 20:50 | Started by omaerep on 24.09.12

    I tried cheap shavers before but after using Gillette I realised just how horrible the cheap ones were! Would be fantastic to have one of these packs, thankyou! More about Win with Gillette MACH3 Turbo Sensitive

  • Win with SNICKERS

    Last post: samala on 24.09.12 at 20:47 | Started by barnes10 on 24.09.12

    OH YUM!! I love Snickers, they make me less grumpy! More about Win with SNICKERS

  • The Egg Guy’s Microwave Scrambled Eggs

    Last post: samala on 12.09.12 at 21:27 | Started by Lori on 12.09.12

    My husband taught me how to do this a few years ago. I'm absolutely useless at doing them in the frying pan so he showed me the microwave version. Now I get them perfect every time. Such a quick and easy breakfast if your in a rush in the morning. Most of the time we just do one egg in a cup with salt pepper and a little milk, - same idea just smaller version. Takes about two lots of 30sec depending on your microwave but you can grab your cup and eat it on the run which is great when your running late. :-) More about The Egg Guy’s Microwave Scrambled Eggs

  • Cut the salt out!

    Last post: samala on 11.09.12 at 21:14 | Started by Nigelmc on 11.09.12

    I found this after searching a bit more on salt and thought I would share it. It's a few paragraphs from the Men's Health magazine. - Sodium is an electrolyte, a humble member of that hyped class of minerals that help maintain muscle function and hydration; that's why sport drinks contain sodium. You're constantly losing sodium through sweat and urine, and if you don't replenish that sodium and water, your blood pressure may drop far enough to make you dizzy and light-headed. "Sodium acts like a sponge to help hold fluids in your blood," says Rikki Keen, R.D., an adjunct instructor of dietetics and nutrition at the University of Alaska.

    However, people who chug too much water can lower their sodium levels so far that they develop hyponatremia, a potentially deadly condition more common among recreational exercisers than professional athletes, says Marie Spano, R.D., a sports nutritionist in Atlanta. Salt does more than just make our food taste good; without it, we'd die.

    I think it's more about moderation, too much and it's bad, not enough and it's not good either. Im shocking with salt myself though, really need to cut down. Didn't realise until reading this this thread and this article just how much impact salt had until now.
    More about Cut the salt out!

  • Stamford Champagne High Tea

    Last post: samala on 10.09.12 at 15:57 | Started by New Member on 10.09.12

    Sounds so flash, I wonder if your allowed to drink your tea without your little finger sticking out :-) More about Stamford Champagne High Tea

  • Win a Wendy's Voucher

    Last post: samala on 10.09.12 at 15:52 | Started by memonkey on 10.09.12

    Oh yum, sound so good, thankyou :-) More about Win a Wendy's Voucher

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