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  • The Songs of Wine

    Last post: samala on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by samala on 21.01.11

    Great selection of songs, you could have a great album mix in your hands there. More about The Songs of Wine

  • Tortilas with chicken

    Last post: samala on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Kris on 01.12.10

    Great recipe! Kids would love this. We make taco's now and then but this would be a nice change. My kids love being apart of making the prepareing the dinner and with these sort of meals they get to put it all together how they like up the table too. Awesum recipe, will be having this one for tea tonight! :-) More about Tortilas with chicken

  • Bottle Shock: When Your Wine is all Shook Up

    Last post: samala on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Aims on 03.12.10

    We once went to open a bottle of wine and the cork was just falling apart in the neck of the bottle, we tried so hard to get it out without getting any in the wine but it was no use. It was like the cork was rotten it just fell to bits. Was a real shame, spoiled a really nice bottle of wine. More about Bottle Shock: When Your Wine is all Shook Up

  • Underwhelming 2nd BDO Announcement

    Last post: samala on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Lee on 05.12.10

    I must be so out of the loop with music because I dont recognize over half of these bands! I love music and listen it all the time but because most of it's on the radio I never hear who's playing what. I went to a gig in Wellington a few years ago with some friends of mine. I recognised the name of the band but didnt know what songs they played until I got there and knew most of them. Love the remix's of the old songs that are comeing out now haha but wouldnt be able to tell you who plays them though! :-) More about Underwhelming 2nd BDO Announcement

  • Shrimp Madagascar

    Last post: samala on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Jono on 08.12.10

    If I told my kids we were having Shrimp Madagascar for dinner they would get so excited because they would instantly think of the kids movie! They would get up the table turn up thier nose and say "Im not eating that!" It may have to be a dish served up for when the in-laws come round and I need to do some sucking up! It does sound like a great dish, I love dishes that are easy to make but look like you could have spent hours prepareing them. Sounds yum too. Will definitely be trying this one out this christmas. But not while the kids are home! More about Shrimp Madagascar

  • How to Practice Sangria

    Last post: samala on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Priyank on 10.12.10

    This sounds delicious! I hadnt heard of this drink before but cant wait to try it. Never even thought about using red wine in a mix. I used to make my own version of Lemon Ruskys with white wine, vodka and lift. They tasted great but they seemed to get stronger as the night progressed! Might have to make this when we have a bbq over christmas. More about How to Practice Sangria

  • Nokia N8

    Last post: samala on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Millie on 13.12.10

    Wow, that is a nice phone! Would totally clash with my 3 kids and thier sticky fingers and drink bottles but... it is a very nice phone. My poor phone had a holiday in the hot water cupboard for a few days last week due to Mr 3 spilling drink on it. It dried out and is fine now, I may have to keep it in a water proof pouch maybe... More about Nokia N8

  • Bailey's Chocolate Swirl Tart

    Last post: samala on 14.03.11 at 01:50 | Started by Raewyn on 15.12.10

    Great recipe, would end up with more than 2 tbsp of Bailey's
    in it if I made it though, two for the cake, two for me, two for the cake... A few Christmas's ago me and a friend made a christmas cake, soaked all the fruit in sherry the night before and then put the fruit and the sherry it had been soaking in into the cake, once cooked put a piece on a plate while still hot or if not heat up in the microwave and then drizzle with some more sherry, O so good! More about Bailey's Chocolate Swirl Tart

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