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  • Win A Blunt Umbrella

    Last post: scott on 13.10.14 at 12:42 | Started by kiwiboyz on 13.10.14

    awesome prize, with the winds up in Auckland recently one of these is much needed! More about Win A Blunt Umbrella

  • Win a double pass to Whips n Spurs at Ellerslie Races

    Last post: scott on 15.10.13 at 13:18 | Started by Rangatira on 14.10.13

    Giddy up! More about Win a double pass to Whips n Spurs at Ellerslie Races


    Last post: scott on 08.10.13 at 11:41 | Started by New Member on 01.07.13

    I think National teams should be free to air but other countries/leagues should be pay per view. It is pretty bad that for a lot of All black fans that cant afford Sky or alike cant watch the game live on NZ free to air TV. More about SPORTS SHOULD BE FREE TO AIR!!!!!!

  • Win 1x Blunt Umbrella

    Last post: scott on 08.10.13 at 11:31 | Started by H. on 07.10.13

    After leaving mine in a pub the other night and someone taking it this would be very handy! More about Win 1x Blunt Umbrella

  • Win a Mangrove Jack’s Complete Microbrewery kit

    Last post: scott on 19.08.13 at 11:32 | Started by skoota681 on 19.08.13

    Perfect for Dad to do in retirement! as long as he shares it.... More about Win a Mangrove Jack’s Complete Microbrewery kit

  • Win with Jim Beam Devil's Cut

    Last post: scott on 07.08.13 at 13:58 | Started by skoota681 on 05.08.13

    always love a good drop More about Win with Jim Beam Devil's Cut

  • Win with Old Spice

    Last post: scott on 07.08.13 at 13:58 | Started by shadowshaded on 05.08.13

    this brings back memories! More about Win with Old Spice

  • To list or not to list...

    Last post: scott on 23.07.13 at 11:26 | Started by scott on 23.07.13

    We are currently looking to sell our house in Waterview, Auckland as have purchased elsewhere and are debating whether to list with an agent or not. They are knocking on the doors to get the listing and i guess that supports the old adage that they 'make their money when they get the listing, not when they sell the property'

    However, I am struggling with the fees they charge. Upfront advertising costs, costs to stage the house and then commission on the sale - probably circa $30k.

    I am not trying to discount their job but 20 years ago the commission rates were relatively unchanged, house prices were a quarter what they are today (in auckland) and houses were harder to sell so they earnt their money back then. Their was also a lack of the Internet as a medium that many buyers have easy access to nowadays and sellers alike. I would also think that due to this the agents job historically was working a database of clients that they could fit into a particular house - now looking at open homes most people are there on their own accord - not through an agents introduction.

    So what do we do - list with someone (and if yes who?) or put a couple of ads up on internet sites, run a couple of open homes and have an auctioner friend run an onsite auction (he charges $500 flat fee...)

    More about To list or not to list...

  • Win a Pair of Under the Sun Sunglasses

    Last post: scott on 15.07.13 at 13:45 | Started by H. on 15.07.13

    Dakota Ebony look awesome and those prices are pretty sharp for a unique product! More about Win a Pair of Under the Sun Sunglasses

  • Is the X Factor NZ suave?

    Last post: scott on 24.06.13 at 12:08 | Started by Gazza on 28.05.13

    While Im not totally against the shows I dont think they fall under suave...

    I was surprised at some of the talent that has appeared on this season especially after a very dismall NZ's got talent.

    To give my answers/opinion on your questions:

    Does wearing double tartan make you look like a tool? yes. and also the ability to not shut up or give unique new comments of your own doesnt help.
    What the hell has Tinkerbell A.K.A Ruby Frost done in the music world? ma-hoon-light... but ultimately I didnt realise that song was hers till I was told
    Will "youse" be entered into the Oxford Dictionary this year? youse and da man are two favourites on the show. I cant see either of them being added and find it a little disturbing that he is meant to be a role model but stuggles with simple english on live TV...
    Are Stan and Guy the same person? see previous question. Guy has the ability to talk normally...
    Ruby or Melanie? Who would I take home mum? Ruby hands down. She seems to look a lot better when she isnt all done up in the clips from during the week. Mel is a bit trashy for my liking...
    How much money did NZ on air waste to make this show? a lot... especially when it is probably raking in huge profits from the text voting and advertising rights.
    Why won't Anna Wilson return my texts, email, voice messages? It's not stalking if you love them! I bet the full tight leather suit was what pushed you over the edge on this one!

    More about Is the X Factor NZ suave?


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