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  • Win a We-Vibe 3

    Last post: Mickey on 29.04.13 at 14:14 | Started by Bells-n-Whistles on 29.04.13

    Comment-er 11. Were so dirty we would use this out in public. ie go out for dinner or movie and i'd sit there push buttons randomly and watch her squirm. OMG I want!! More about Win a We-Vibe 3

  • R18 Competition

    Last post: Mickey on 25.10.11 at 14:32 | Started by Duncan on 14.10.11

    MONA!!!!!!!! she sure does!!
    More about R18 Competition

  • Luxury Escape: Eagles Nest

    Last post: Mickey on 25.10.11 at 13:36 | Started by Mickey on 25.10.11


    I want I want I want I want I want to take my beautiful wifey here to relax and make more babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    More about Luxury Escape: Eagles Nest

  • Wii, 3DS, XBox360 with Kinect or PS3?

    Last post: Mickey on 25.07.11 at 11:52 | Started by JasonMantis on 22.07.11

    Definatly XBOX, I'd been playing playstation since Grand Turismo 1 and playstation 1, I always cursed at xbox's and their dopey controllers right through untill December 2010 when i decided that the Slim Black Xbox 360 250gb would look sexc next to my sony 55'' and surround. the biggest selling point was 1 the Kinect Sensor and starter game and 2 the wireless internet connection. 9 months on I think to my self what was I think with all the PS2 and PS3 mucking around I did. Blueray? Blueray disc's are no better quality that standard DVD's and unless you have the latest in TV technology, cables ect you won't notice small differences in HD quality between different formats. Besides most DVD players have upscalers to fix that anyway. The only time I can tell the difference is when I'm watching HD My Sky then change to a non HD replay on a different channel. So if this is Playstations big selling point, blueray, a dvd quality movie on a disc that holds way more extra crap on it than is even usefull then go right a head.
    Xbox live is great, you can dowload demos, movies, facebook (seems you can update your status from anywhere) twitter. There's a whole online community that is a little overwheelming at first but take your time to work through it.

    I'm guessing 99% of people will tell you to buy what they have under there TV's at home, I'm no diiferent.

    I concur with Anna about the exclussive games that come with each brand. More about Wii, 3DS, XBox360 with Kinect or PS3?

  • Warriors Vs Souths

    Last post: Mickey on 25.07.11 at 11:22 | Started by Clint on 23.07.11

    How could you..................I always back the boiz no matter how embarassing they're playing. More about Warriors Vs Souths

  • ‘The Secret Weapon’

    Last post: Mickey on 19.07.11 at 08:07 | Started by Gibbo at Adult-dvd.co.nz on 01.06.11

    Awwwwww please pick me lady luck!!!!!!!!!!!! More about ‘The Secret Weapon’

  • Win a Linksys E3000

    Last post: Mickey on 18.04.11 at 11:45 | Started by John on 11.04.11

    I want one!!!!! Me likey likey!! More about Win a Linksys E3000

  • Get your SEXperience on!

    Last post: Mickey on 14.03.11 at 01:47 | Started by Minxx on 04.03.10


    More about Get your SEXperience on!

  • Nation Bar T&C's

    Last post: Mickey on 14.03.11 at 01:47 | Started by Middy on 15.02.10

    Just a note, the link says it's going to be drawn on the 18th of December and I have 8 entries already? Just wondering if my links gona work properly cos I want to win this so bad!! Perfect for my wedding at the beach!! please please please More about Nation Bar T&C's

  • Win one of two $400 prize packs to Stella Artois Auckland Cup Day'

    Last post: Mickey on 14.03.11 at 01:45 | Started by MuffDiver on 25.02.10

    Hey it's me, I wont be in today I'm still waiting in E.D. I had a sexual misadventure last night and its stuck so it will need to be cut free, fingers crossed the dont slip. Mike More about Win one of two $400 prize packs to Stella Artois Auckland Cup Day'

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